Javier Sotres Prieto
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Javier Sotres Prieto
  • Rob Barker Kent University
  • Andrew Jackson European Spallation Source and Rebecca Welbourn ISIS Neutron Source
  • Rob Barker - Kent University Andrew Jackson - European Spallation Source Rebecca Welbourn - ISIS Neutron Source
01 maj 2007 - 30 april 2021

Om projektet

The key technical deliverable of the project is to develop a sample environment (cell) capable of applying shear under confinement which can be integrated with different scattering and reflectometry geometries to provide information on the structural changes in all spatial dimensions. To achieve this goal, the cell will be designed and manufactured in collaboration with ISIS and fully optimized for full integration on to the beamlines at ESS.

In this four years project, researchers from Sweden, UK, ESS and ISIS will collaborate to build on this success towards a next-generation surface confinement apparatus. In order to demonstrate the potential of the setup, we will use it to unravel the mechanisms beyond the lubricating properties of an outstanding biological lubricant: mucus. Understanding the mechanisms underlying mucus lubrication will provide insight in how to formulate efficient aqueous non-toxic lubricants, which is of high significance for both the private and public sectors. Moreover, understanding how mucus functions in health will allow in a future step to characterize lubrication changes in disease enabling the development of treatments to recover mucus optimal performance. This will as well promote the use of neutron science among the pharmaceutical industry.