Anders Jakobsson
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Anders Jakobsson
01 januari 2018 - 31 december 2021

Om projektet

The aim of this project is to further knowledge about the learning of becoming and newly graduated mathematics teachers, about their participation in school practices, and how they develop a teacher identity. We further focus on how the content and experiences of teacher education are recontextualised by student teachers in their last year and teachers new to the profession.

The empirical component of the study is longitudinal, spanning four years. The first year, we collect data from student teachers. Novice teachers are observed and interviewed yearly for the remaining three years. During the last year of their teacher education, we observe student teachers teaching in the practicum, interview them about the observed lessons, interview them about their learning from teacher education, and if possible record mentoring conversations and the so-called three-party-conversations. We follow the same people three years into their career, with repeated observations and interviews. If possible, we supplement with recordings of meetings amongst teacher groups.

Forthcoming publications

The practicum assessment rubrics from six institutions in as many countries have been analysed from the concept of ’the desired teacher’. A similar analysis of course material from one institution is in process.

Two systematic reviews are in various stages, where one was presented in PME 42 in Umeå this summer.

A number of smaller studies are also underway, for instance interrogating the mathematical and the mathematics educational content in the programmes.