Nils Ekelund
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Nils Ekelund
  • Prof. Ronnie Donaldson - Stellenbosch University
  • Dr. Zeinab Tag-Eldeen - The Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences
  • Harald Klein - The Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences
  • Prof. Dillip Kumar Das - Central University of Technology Free State
01 november 2019 - 31 december 2020

Om projektet

This project has the potential to strengthen the international prospects of emerging researchers through proposal writing and co-authors of scientific articles.This project funding will be used to collaboratively prepare a full proposal for funding for a project on “Unpacking rural differentiation and challenges of the ruralization of poverty: Comparative perspectives between South Africa (inclusive of South-South examples) and Sweden” to be submitted in September 2020 to the Joint South Africa-Sweden Research Collaboration programme (jointly funded by STINT, the Swedish Research Council (VR) and the Research Councils Formas and Forte on the Swedish side and the National Research Foundation on the South African side). The project will also benefit from the ongoing research collaboration about land use dynamics in the small towns in Tanzania with Ardhi University, led by SLU and funded by SIDA. The results obtained from that project will provide an opportunity of South-South exchanges of knowledge and collaboration.  

Small towns and rural areas are not a main policy priority of governments in the developing world, despite these centres facing profound development challenges, such as rural decline, economic collapse and the lack of adequate technical and financial resources. The South African government’s National Development Plan (NDP) (2011), however, calls for more research into, and for the unpacking of, rural differentiation in order for policy-makers to fully comprehend the rural dynamics of the country. It is thus the aim of the project to unpack rural differentiation in a number of ways and themes. This will be accomplished through a comprehensive literature review on the context of rurality and small towns in the international and South African contexts. The project will bring together eight scholars from Sweden and South Africa to meet twice to discuss the project progress, as well as work on a more elaborate project proposal for future funding.