Shaun Nolan
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Shaun Nolan
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01 augusti 2020 - 31 december 2023


Our research focuses on the implementation of VTS in the early years learning education. VTS was originally conceived to be applied in Art Museums, and indeed in education, VTS is traditionally linked with teaching activities through Art studies. There is, however, a growing interest in directly applying this method in other areas and language teaching is foremost among them.

This method has a proven record in the United States of improving pupils’ visual literacy skills. Teachers have reported improvement in their pupils’ active learning skills, critical thinking, peer learning, problem-solving skills and even in conflict resolution in classroom settings. It is a pupil-centered approach that corresponds to a Nordic view of the child as a whole person who already has a life experience that can be put into play and developed through the use of this teaching method. Our focus is on investigating the impact and effectiveness of VTS for student teachers of early years English language learners and their pupils.