Digitalization Disrupts: Software, Data and AI

Installationsföreläsning av Helena Holmström Olsson, professor i Datavetenskap.


Digitalization is rapidly transforming not only software-intensive companies but all companies and society at large. Typically, digitalization is understood as using software and data to offer significantly improved products, pure software products as well as digital and data-driven services with the intent to create new revenue opportunities and replace traditional business models with new business models.

However, despite the many opportunities, most companies fail in building new core capabilities and they struggle with transitioning towards new digital ways-of-working. This talk explores the opportunities and challenges associated with digitalization. It also provides guidance on how to avoid disruption and instead reap the benefits of a transformation that we have only seen the beginning of.


Andreas Jacobsson, dekan vid Fakulteten för teknik och samhälle.