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Varmt välkommen till ett seminarium med May-Len Skilbrei, professor i kriminologi vid University of Oslo, Norway, om sexualpolitik i det samtida Europa. Seminariet arrangeras på engelska av Centrum för Sexologi och Sexualitetsstudier vid Malmö universitet. Det är möjligt att närvara antingen på plats eller via Zoom. Anmäl dig till för att närvara.

More information in English:

Throughout Europe laws and policies dealing with gender and sexuality are shifting, and the question of how society should approach for example abortion, rape, prostitution and domestic violence is creating friction between EU and its Member States.

EU begun as a supranational institution securing trade and economic integration, but today has a very different and broader mandate. This means that the EU more than previously are impacting on the policies of Member States in most areas of society.

Earlier this year, Sharron FitzGerald and May-Len Skilbrei published the book Sexual Politics in Contemporary Europe: Moving Targets, Sitting Ducks. In this they present the trajectory of EU’s role as a regulator on gender and sexuality as part of its ‘social dimensions’, and they discuss how such topics figure in the relationship between EU and Member States.

The book looks particularly at how the EU relates to prostitution and sexual violence, and addresses EU’s relations to Italy, Poland, Sweden and Germany, four countries that relate differently to the EU’s attempts to harmonise policies on gender and sexuality.

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