Welcome to a seminar with Malin Thor Tureby, Associate Professor in History at Linköping University

Title: Doing research with and about Jewish women in Sweden – ethical and methodological reflections.


In a Swedish context, Jewish women’s experiences and actions have gone unrecorded and unrecognized, most narratives of Swedish Jewish history offer only a partial account of their past. Marginalized or ignored, or absorbed into universalized categories of “Jews”, “women” or “survivors” the experiences and histories of Jewish women are in general not represented in previous Swedish research on the history of the Jewish minority.

During the fall of 2016 The Swedish Research Council decided to fund the research project Jewish and Woman. Intersectional and historical perspectives on Jewish women’s lives in Sweden during the twentieth and twenty-first century. The project has two parts a) Jewish women in public spheres and Swedish-Jewish public discourses about women and b) The life stories of Jewish women in Sweden. Each study works with diverse source materials and examines Jewish women’s different roles, experiences and positions over time in the Swedish-(Jewish) society. In this presentation I will address the overriding purpose and empirical aims of the project in general, but I will specifically discuss how the discourses of the standardized research-ethics regulations influenced the design of an oral history study with and about Jewish women about their history and experiences of antisemitism and sexism during the twentieth and twenty-first century. The presentation will for example address the ethical and methodological challenges in translating the discourses/regulations about “anonymity” to a project with the outspoken purpose to collect and tell the diverse experiences and life stories of Jewish women in Sweden.

Short Bio

Malin Thor Tureby is Associate Professor in History at Linköping University in Sweden. She gained her PhD at Linnaeus University in 2005 (History). During the years 2005-2014 she worked as a senior lecture in history and oral history at Malmo university, where she became Docent in 2013 (History) and was promoted Associated Professor (Oral History) the same year. Since 2014 Thor Tureby works at Linköping University where she was appointed as Associated Professor (History) in 2015. She is one of the co-founders of Oral History in Sweden (OHIS) and co-chair of the European Social Science Conference (ESSHC) Oral history and life stories network.

Thor Tureby is currently the PI of the research projects Narratives as cultural heritage. Power and resistance in collections of narratives from and about immigrants at the archive of Nordic Museum 1970–2015 and Jewish and Woman. Historical and Intersectional perspectives on Jewish Women’s lives in Sweden during the twentieth and twenty-first century. Both projects are funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Thor Tureby is also the PI and the PL for the research project Oral history as digital heritage in the age of migration. A project that is part the international research consortium and research project DigiCONFLICT, funded by JPICH.  The Swedish research team researching the involvement of cultural heritage institutions and other actors, while collecting, curating and using oral histories during and about the refugee reception of 2015. The Swedish study is funded by The Swedish National Heritage Board