Alexei Iantchenko forskar i spektral teori, partiella differentialekvationer och mikrolokal analys med tillämpningar i matematisk fysik till olika spridningsuppgifter. Topics include description of the properties of the ground state of large Coulomb systems and inverse problems involving scattering resonances. Biography: Born in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg, Russia), Dr Iantchenko obtained MSc in mathematical physics at the Leningrad State University and DEA in pure mathematics at the University Paris XI, 1992. His PhD thesis completed at the universities of Trondheim and Oslo in Norway in 1995, concerned the strong Scott conjecture. The subject is semiclassical asymptotics for atomic and molecular systems. The Scott conjecture gives the second leading term in the large ground state asymptotics for atoms and molecules. After more than 40 years the conjecture was finally settled in the early 90's. The strong Scott conjecture gives the analogous asymptotic term for the electronic density. During the period 1995-1998 Dr Iantchenko worked as lecturer in mathematics at the universities of Rennes (France), UNAM (Mexico DF). Since 1998 Dr Iantchenko has been lecturer (docent 2005) at Malmö university (Sweden). During the period 2007-2010 Dr Iantchenko was WIMCS research lecturer at Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK.