PREVIOUS EXHIBITION | Cancer is a term used for about 200 different diseases. What they all have in common is that the cells in the body start to divide uncontrollably. In 2018 there were 18 million cancer cases around the world. In Sweden, approximately every third person will be diagnosed with a cancer disease at some point during their lifetime.

A major challenge for science is to find ways to diagnose and treat these diseases. At Malmö university a new generation of chemists, physicists and biologists work in two international networks, BioCapture and GlycoImaging. Their research focus on designing plastic antibodies, bullets. The bullets are cheap to produce and aim to detect cancer cells at an early stage.

The two projects are coordinated by Börje Sellergren and Anette Gjörloff Wingren, who train and tutor 19 PhD students. This exhibition highlights the interdisciplinary work of the PhD’s and their importance for the cancer research.

The exhibition

Date: November 21–April 15

You can visit the exhibition at the Orkanen Library, Nordenskiöldsgatan 10