Do you need help searching for information for your paper or project work? Do you intend to conduct a systematic literature review? As a student at Malmö University, you can book a search consultation where, together with a librarian, you will receive help in finding relevant material in your subject. If you have more concise questions, for example, about scientific texts or which database to choose, you are welcome to direct your questions to out information desks or use our chat function.

We can help with the following:

  • Finding good keywords
  • Searching in relevant databases
  • Using different search strategies
  • Evaluating and selecting scientific material

A few things to think about before you book:

  • In order for us to help you the best we can, it can be useful if you, before making an appointment, have decided what you are going to write about and have tried some searches on your subject. 
  • You can choose whether you prefer your search consultation digitally via Zoom or on campus at one of our libraries.