In the Student's Art Gallery at Orkanen Library, you can enjoy photos, drawings, paintings, poems, and sculptures by students and staff at Malmö University. The gallery is a collaboration between the library and the student union. Welcome to the opening of exhibition #35 March 7th, at 4 pm! The exhibition runs until May 31.

Next exhibition

Do you want to exhibit your artwork? Last day to apply is September 22, 2024.

If you want to exhibit in the Students Art Gallery, Studenternas galleri, please email your application to Parts of your application will be used as documentation in the digital gallery. Complete the following form and copy it into your application:

My name is:
I study at this faculty at MAU:  
My e-mail is:  
My telephone number is: 
I would describe my works of art like this:  
The works of art I want to submit measure (cm):

Please note

  1. Make sure you read the policy in which you will find the rules that apply when exhibiting in the students' art gallery. By sending us your application, you agree to the terms of the policy.
  2. Include photos of your art in your application (your pictures will be used to document the exhibition).

The Students Art Gallery is a part of the concept ”The library as a village” (where the library includes study workshop, lounge, café, quiet room, squares… etc.).

A passage of the Orkanen library is made available for students to exhibit their works of art. The gallery is intended to be a creative element in the education environment, a place for contemplation and dialogue. It is a space where one can stop for reflection, inspiration, to be amused or annoyed.

  1. All students registered at Malmö University are welcome to apply for the exhibition through a form on the library's homepage.
  2. The submitted works of art are to be samples of the student's private artistic production. Degree projects and products created in class will not be accepted in the students' gallery.
  3. A workgroup consisting of Library staff and university students select the works of art that will be exhibited. 
  4. The exhibitor will sign an agreement with the students' gallery workgroup. The exhibitor will also participate in the installation as well as the removal of the exhibition. 
  5. There is a new exhibition each semester (so the art is displayed 4 month ).

The gallery's activities will be documented and this documentation will be available on the library's homepage. Information about the current as well as previous exhibitions will be available in the virtual lounge of the student’s gallery.

Any opinionsmessages or statements that can be interpreted in the works are not necessarily those of Malmö University.