PREVIOUS EXHIBITION | In our recent exhibition, you will meet researchers Carina Listerborn and Martin Grander, who are both active in various aspects of housing research. The exhibition presents Carina's and Martin's projects and research results and in addition to this, focuses on various aspects of the housing issue - concepts, debate, history, and people's different conditions in the housing market.

About the exhibition

Having somewhere to live is something many of us take for granted. But how easy is it to find housing for young people, newly arrived refugees, or people with poor finances? Housing is of great importance for equal living conditions. The basis of the social housing policy is that everyone should have the right to good housing at a reasonable price. However, the Swedish Planning and Building Act does not ensure an unconditional right to housing for individual citizens. But what responsibility do the state and the municipalities have? Since the 1990s, changes in Swedish policy have led to an increase of tenement houses converted into condominiums, while fewer and fewer tenement houses have been built. How has that affected people's possibilities to find housing? 

The exhibition addresses issues about how housing affects individuals' lives and how different forms of housing such as tenancy, tenant-ownership and second-hand housing affect both the individual and society. 

The Researchers' Gallery features ongoing and current research at Malmö University. In the exhibition "Home sweet home", the library has collaborated with Martin Grander and Carina Listerborn from the Department of Urban Studies. 

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