On this page, we have gathered some library information that can be good to keep track of as a new student. Welcome to Malmö University and the Library!

Library card and logins

As a new student, you need to order a multicard. The card can be used to access the university buildings, to copy and print, and it also automatically becomes your library card. You can borrow and return books from all of our three libraries.

Order a multicard

My Loans - request and renew books

When you request a book or need to renew your loans use your first name and the multicard number to log in. Welcome to contact the library's information desk should you need to borrow books before you get your multicard!

Articles and books online

You can read e-books or online articles at the library website, use your computer ID (the same login that you use on Canvas) to log in.

How to find course literature

Are you finding it difficult to get hold of all the books on your course literature list? Here are some tips on where to look for them!


  • Borrowing books

You find course literature and other books that you can borrow from Malmö University Library in our database Libsearch.

Books that are available at the Library can be picked up at each library. If all copies of the book are borrowed you can make a request.

If we don't have the book you are looking for, try LIBRIS. In Libris you find books at almost all Swedish libraries, perhaps another library near you has your book.

Buying books

With a little luck, you can find the books you need second-hand. Here are a few places where you can find secondhand books:

You can compare the price of new books in the biggest online Swedish bookshops by using the service bokfynd.nu. The site is in Swedish only but is very useful.

Library rules

  • You may borrow books for three weeks.
  • Your books will be automatically renewed if they are not requested (up to seven times).

  • We will announce via email which of your books need to be returned and which will be renewed. This email will be sent out three days before the last return date. From time to time we are having problems with emails that end up in spam. Therefore, always keep track of the return date at My Loans.

  • If you want to renew your books before the date has expired, this also works well, just log in to My loans. Here you can also change your contact information.
  • The fine for overdue items is SEK 10 per book per day.