If you are a student and have a reading disability relating to, for example, dyslexia, ADHD or a visual impairment, you can borrow your course literature as talking books. There are also computer programs that can help you when you read and write, and most of these can be downloaded to your computer, and sometimes to your phone.

Using talking books

If you are a student with a reading disability, you can borrow course literature as talking books in Legimus. The talking books can be read with the help of a reading program on your computer or using the Legimus app on your phone. The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM) is behind this platform.

If you already have a Legimus account, you do not need to book an appointment, if you don't want to. However, you need to transfer your account to Malmö University Library. You can do this yourself on "My pages" on legimus.se, or by emailing your name, e-mail and social security number to talbok@mau.se.

To start using talking books in Legimus, you must have an account for your own downloads. The library will help you get started. Book an appointment to run through the system.

You do not need a certificate in order to get help with talking books.


You need to download one of the following programs to be able to listen to books from Legimus. The programs can be downloaded after you receive your login information.

For a PC, you use:

For a Mac, you use:

If you do not find your course literature in Legimus, you can order a new recording. This applies to obligatory course literature or literature that you need for you for your paper. 

Be sure to order well in advance as it takes around 8-12 weeks to record a talking book. (The course literature is to be available no later than two months before the course starts, according to “Students’ rights and obligations”)

Email us if you need a new book recording

In Legimus you can only find books. If you want an audio reading of articles, websites and other texts, you can use text to speech software.

  • For PC: Claro Read Pro
  • For Mac: Claro Read Plus Mac

Both programs can be downloaded to your own computer via SKOLON

Do you have any questions about talking books? Contact us!

email icon talbok@mau.se

Programs that help you in your studies

As a student at the university, there are several computer programs you can use to help with spelling, translation, note-taking, and recording. Some of the programs are available on the computers in the libraries, and others can be downloaded to your own computer or phone.

You download the programs via the SKOLON service. To access Skolon, you need login information.

E-mail your name and national registration number to us to get login information:


To be able to fully use support programs, you need Office Word. 
As a student you can download the Office programs free of charge.

ClaroRead Pro - for PC

Reads text aloud with speech synthesis. You can also scan paper documents and have them read aloud in Claro Read Pro.

ClaroRead Plus - for Mac

Study tools with features including speech synthesis, word explanation, and scanning. Create audio files and perform OCR processing on PDF files.

Download from SKOLON


StavaRex - for PC and Mac

Spelling program that corrects typos and grammar in Swedish text. 

Download from SKOLON

Select StavaRex if you have a PC, Manual for StavaRex (PC) 
Select StavaRex Mac if you use a Mac computer, Manual for StavaRex Mac


Spelling program that corrects typos and grammar in English text.

Download from SKOLON

Select SpellRight if you use a PC, Manual for SpellRight  
Select SpellRight Mac if you use a Mac computer, Manual for SpellRight Mac



Claro Ideas

With Claro Ideas you can create mind maps when you need to structure your study material. Export your mind maps to Office Word or PowerPoint.

Download from SKOLON

ClaroRead Anywhere

Word processor program that reads written text. It also contains a dictation function.

Download from SKOLON

Tips for useful apps

There is a wide range of apps that can help you with spelling, taking notes, reading notes aloud or translation. Here were have chosen a selection of the ones we think are good.


Search for talking books in Legimus, download and listen on your phone.
Platform: iPhone, iPad and Android


Reads aloud talking books that you have downloaded to your iPhone.
Platform: iPhone


Scans printed text and convert it into electronic text. Prizmo can then read the text aloud. You can buy many different voices in a variety of languages.
Platform: iPhone


Reads electronic text aloud. Text documents can be downloaded from, for example, Dropbox.
Platform: iPhone.

Oribi Writer

A writing tool that corrects serious typos, easily confused words, and grammatical errors in Swedish, English, German and Danish. The app works as a custom word processor and contains a spelling function and grammar checker. It can also read words and sentences aloud, both while you write and the entire text afterwards.
Platform: iPad.


Using AudioNote you can take notes at the same time as you record a lecture, for example. When you then look up a particular note, the audio is played back from that point in the recording where you made the note.
Platform: iPhone.


Helps you create and keep track of your notes. The notes can be in the form of images, audio or text.
Platform: iPhone, Android.


An app where you can write, import images, record, take notes in PDF, and more.
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod


An app where you can make text and audio notes.
Platform: iPad.


Dragon Dictation

Converts to text. Talk on the phone and the mobile writes down what you are saying. 
The Android version works the same but it called Dragon Remote Microphone.
Platform: iPhone, Android.

Dictate + Connect (Dictamus)

Use your phone as a dictaphone with many useful functions.
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android.

Smart Recorder

Use your phone as a dictaphone with many useful functions.
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod


Speak a word and have it translated. There are many languages to choose from. 
Platform: iPhone.

Google Translate

An app that translates between more than 100 languages from text, image and speech.
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android.


Dictionary app that reflects the contents of the 14th edition of the Swedish Academy Dictionary (SAOL 14) from 2015.
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android.