PREVIOUS EXHIBITION | Sexology is a specific occupational practice that includes clinical aspects of and information on sexuality. Sexologists can work with both intervention and prevention activities. Sexuality studies involve a more social science approach to study sexuality. A prerequisite for the sexologist's professional work in various activities is that knowledge is based on sexuality studies, where society norms, legislation and organization of sexuality are critically reviewed. Sexology and sexuality studies therefore belong together.

The core of the exhibition is a presentation of six researchers, linked to the Center for Sexology and Sexual Studies, presenting their respective fields of research. The exhibition also consists of a timeline with highlights from Swedish sexuality history, a curiosity cabinet and a collection of literature. The visitors can leave comments or ask questions to the researchers in a mailbox. The questions and the answers are then projected on the wall for everyone to see. Two public talks are held and filmed; “Sex and Power” and “Theme Erotic Literature”. The art project "Kiss" (an interpretation of the Song of Songs) by the priest and artist Kent Wisti and the author Maria Küchen can also be seen in the exhibition.


  • Camilla Larsson
  • Charlotta Carlström
  • Charlotta Holmström
  • Charlotta Löfgren- Mårtensson
  • Charlotte C Petersson
  • Sara Johnsdotter

The exhibition