PREVIOUS EXHIBITION | The city of Malmö inhabits about 330,000 people. Half of them are under 35 years and one fifth is under 18 years old. In Space & Place two research groups present how children and adolescents experience some of the urban spaces in Malmö. The exhibition highlights different methods in the research process. These research projects are examples of how Malmö University contributes to a socially sustainable Malmö.

Opening up new spaces for preschool education in a diverse and migrating world

The aim of the project is to explore the needs and demands facing preschool today in an increasingly mobile and globalized society. The project hope to provide rich opportunities for the children to make sense in and of the world they are a part of The specific aim of this project is to develop the preschool practice and environment to support multilingual development and participation, and to explore and develop forms for parent collaboration, using participatory methods


  • Anne Harju
  • Annika Åkerblom

Adolescents’ views of fear of crime in public space

In this project, adolescents aged 14-20 that live and spend time in two Malmö neighbourhoods: Rosengård and Sofielund have been interviewed. The aim of this research is to get a deeper knowledge of how the adolescents perceive their immediate neighbourhood, their relationship to different places in the neighbourhood and where they feel safe and unsafe. Knowledge about how adolescents experience their surroundings and how they move around the city is important for several reasons, however, this research primarily focus on how this shapes - and are shaped, by their experiences of fear of crime and criminality. 


  • Susanne Egnell
  • Anna-Karin Ivert

The exhibition