Getting access to journal articles, e-books and databases – this is how it works:

Access to licensed e-resources

Use the links to databases, journals and e-books from the library’s website. These go to a service that authenticates you as a user from Malmö University, and you log in with your computer identity.

You must be an active student and registered in Ladok, or staff and registered in Primula, in order to gain access from your own computer or outside the university’s network.

If you are not a student or staff member at Malmö University, you can only use the e-resources from the computers in the library. 

Databases A-Z

Alternative access route for databases

For some of the library’s licensed e-resources there is an alternative access route activated. You sign in to the databases interface using your Malmö University computer identity, instead of using the library links via proxy server.

This service is called Shibboleth and is usually found via the Sign in link at the e-resource interface. 

In the library’s list of databases, databases with alternative access have an Alternative login link. It takes you to the sign in page, or to the database platform, where you look for: Sign in, Institution/Shibboleth/SWAMID/ and Malmö university or Malmö högskola.

Databases A-Z

Download e-books

All e-books can be read directly on the screen. However, if you want to download a book, you sometimes need specific apps or software.

In the e-book guide, you can read about how to download chapters or books and print pages, and whether you need to create an account.

E-book guide

Read journals using Browzine

Here you can browse the library’s scientific journals in different subjects and get updates about new articles. Available both as an app and website.

Browzine on the web

Find the article

Can’t find the journal article? Here are a few tips on how to widen your search.

  1. Try another database

    If you searched Libsearch, try Google Scholar. If you searched Google Scholar, PubMed or other database, search for the article in Libsearch
  2. Google it!

    Google, or Google Scholar are great tools for finding free versions of articles and reports. And if you add Malmö University to Google Scholar's Library Link settings you get our subscribed content too.
  3. Does the library subscribe to the journal?

    Journals A-Z is the list of subscribed journals: check which issues, volumes and years that are available, and browse or search for the article on the journal webpage
  4. Widen your search in Libsearch 

    Libsearch is set to show what you have access to via the library. Untick the limitation to “Electronic and printed material via the library”. If the library has no access you get a link to the article request form, "Request document”.