The Orkanen Library has 18 group rooms. These can be booked for group work or if you are going to attend a digital meeting or write an exam. In the booking system you will see how many can fit in each room.

Go to booking at

How to book:

  • Log in with your computer ID.
  • Click on the tab "Resource booking" and then click on the tab "Library".
  • Now you get a list of rooms you can book.
  • Click on "Book" at an available time in a room, write your name in the window that pops up and click on "Book" in the window.
  • Done!
  • Confirm your booking! Note that you need to confirm your booking 15 minutes before - 15 minutes after your period begins, confirm your booking at or in the Kronox app. If the reservation is not confirmed, the reservation expires and the room becomes available for others.