Congratulations on being accepted to Malmö University! Now it's time to start preparing for your studies in Malmö, Sweden.

Academic calendar

Academic year 2019/2020
Autumn semester 2019: September 2 – January 19
Spring semester 2020: January 20 – June 7

Academic year 2020/2021
Autumn semester 2020: August 31 – January 17
Spring semester 2021: January 18 – June 6

Arrival day

We recommend that all exchange students, as well as international students who have housing through Malmö University, arrive on the official Arrival Day to get the keys to their accommodation and receive welcome information. University staff, student mentors and landlord representatives will be on hand at the Student Service Centre throughout the day to welcome students and answer any questions.

Arrival Day for autumn semester 2020 is Thursday, August 20. 

What happens on Arrival Day?

  • There will be student mentors at the Malmö Central Station to guide you to the University and the Student Service Centre.
  • Once at the Student Service Centre, you will be called by a staff member to get your 'welcome package' and some practical information. Coffee and snacks will be available while waiting for your turn.
  • Finally, you will get a ride to your accommodation where you will meet your landlord, sign your contract and get the key (if you have housing through Malmö University). Please note that you will be asked to show a photo ID when signing your contract.

Arriving late or after Arrival Day

If you arrive in Malmö later than 17.00 on Arrival Day, or at a later date, you will need to make an appointment with the Housing Office by emailing

The International Office does not have access to your keys, so it is very important that you make arrangements with the Housing Office beforehand if you are arriving in the city after Arrival Day or later than 17.00 on Arrival Day.

Please note

Your accommodation will not be available before Arrival Day. Should you arrive earlier, you have to arrange for a place to stay. 

Information about youth hostel and hotels

Introduction Programme

All new international students are invited to take part in the University's Introduction Programme. The programme consists of lectures and activities that are designed to help you become acquainted with the University and the student life in Malmö. It is also a great opportunity to get to know your peers and make new friends. 

The Introduction Programme for the autumn semester 2020 will start on Friday, August 21.

The programme begins with a welcome meeting and is followed by a series of practical, academic and social activities. You are welcome to attend all activities, or just the ones you find relevant.

How to get to Malmö University

Malmö's central train station is well connected within Sweden and internationally via links to Copenhagen. It boasts its own airport, Sturup, but for international travellers, it is best served by Copenhagen Airport — just a 20-minute train journey away. 

If you are arriving at Arrival day, student mentors wearing orange vests will be at the train station to help with luggage and directions. When arriving at Malmö Central Station, follow the signs towards the Anna Lindhs Plats exit. From there, it is a short walk to the Student Service Centre.