The Department of Computer Science and Media Technology provides research-linked courses and study programmes at first-cycle and second-cycle level. The department conducts research in two areas: computer science and media technology. Education and research are conducted in close collaboration with parties from both the private and public sectors.

Research, education and collaboration

Social media, mobile applications, digital games, strategic management systems, artificial intelligence, information architecture and digital media are some of the areas of application we are interested in at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology. 

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Research in computer science at Malmö University is about developing and analysing concepts and methods in order to make software and its use more user-friendly, efficient and reliable.

Distributed and intelligent systems

This field includes distributed data processing and decision-making as well as architecture for information storage and communication. It also includes the efficient use of data, typically including sensor data. Built-in and context-dependent systems are also part of this field.

System and application development

System and application development can be described as the link between software and users and organisation, and software development processes and implementation. It also includes the concept of user-centred software development.

Modelling, optimisation and simulation

This field covers how reality can be appropriately represented by computer-based models to enable analysis with the purpose of understanding and improving existing or future systems. These models often form the basis of decision support systems.

Algorithm analysis and design

Algorithm analysis and design comprise the development and analyses of efficient algorithms.

Computational media

Current areas of application include energy systems, smart buildings, e-health, mobile learning, logistics and transport, e-commerce and digital games.

Computational Media Lab

The Computational Media Lab is a transdisciplinary research lab. As a research lab we acknowledge the increasing ubiquity of algorithms, data, and procedural structures in contemporary society.

Working with, reconfiguring, and creating a multitude of research methodologies, research at the Computational Media Lab addresses the societal, technical, economical, and ethical challenges brought about by processes of digitalisation and datafication to support the co-creation of a sustainable future.

With a strong track record in both academic scholarship and applied work, researchers at the Computational Media Lab engage in a transdisciplinary examination, critique, and creation of computational media. 

Contact Computational Media Lab: Martin Berg, Associate Professor


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The department is part of the Faculty of Technology and Society. On the faculty page you can read more about our educational and research environments and opportunities for collaboration. 

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