The Department of Sports Sciences offers a broad range of courses and programmes in an interdisciplinary environment, with sports at the core. Our programmes and courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical understanding and competence to act.

Education at Sports Sciences

The Department of Sports Sciences offers several sports-related programmes, as well as physical education, teacher training and master’s programmes. The department also offers a number of freestanding courses and third-cycle studies in a vibrant and successful sports sciences research environment that encompasses a variety of specialisations, with an emphasis on the field of social sciences. Our programmes and courses prepare students for working with sports in a broad social context. 

Student collaboration – a mutual opportunity

In order to contribute to developing skills for a wide-ranging labour market, we stimulate organisations to collaborate with our students in various forms. In our physical education teacher training programme, this takes place in the regulated form of work placements. 

We will tailor student collaboration to your needs, using various types of work placements and mentorship throughout the study programme, projects and degree project.

Contact collaboration coordinator Aage Radmann to discuss the possibilities.

Sports research closely linked to the community

Our research is interdisciplinary and maintains a high level of social relevance. Our point of departure is that social aspects – such as gender equality, socioeconomics and cultural diversity – will always impact on sport, while at the same time the importance of sport is such that it must inevitably have a corresponding impact on society.

The department offers a well-developed collaborative network in the field of sports, with research and development projects conducted in collaboration with a number of sports-related stakeholders in the community.

Researchers, publications and research projects

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