Annual Academic Celebration

The Annual Academic Ceremony is an occasion when Malmö University’s new professors are inaugurated, new doctorates are installed, and awards are handed out. Malmö University was founded in 1998 and 20 years later, it was awarded full university status. The first promotion ceremony was held in 1999.

The Annual Academic Celebration 2020 will be held 12-16 October. 


Medieval traditions remastered

Malmö University’s conferment and professorial inauguration aims to celebrate the scientific achievements made during the past year. Of all the medieval traditions that surround the ceremonies, some have been passed on through the years to our young university in Malmö.

The Swedish word ‘promovera’ comes from the Latin ‘promovere’ and means ‘moving forward’. The insignia are the objects and symbolic attributes that are provided during the promotion ceremony. The hat and laurel wreath are both symbols of freedom, but also power, and with power comes responsibility. The ring symbolises commitment and dedication to scientific ideals. The doctorate also receives a diploma, a certificate which was previously the written proof of the promotion, and had to be carried with when for example visiting other universities. Today the diploma lives on as a memory of the academic celebration.  

Honorary doctors who are promoted are often academics at other universities, but just as often they have achieved excellence outside the world of academia. Their dedication and deeds have promoted scientific research and they are therefore individuals the University wants to reward. On occasion, the University is given the privilege to honour a jubilee doctor. It is a title earned by individuals who received their doctoral degrees 50 years earlier. During the ceremony, the jubilee doctor is awarded a diploma. 

‘Talar’ is an academic worn during the promotion ceremony. The University has chosen to use the talar as a symbol of equality to create a sense of a common “we”.

The promotion ceremony symbolises a scientific journey or transfer. Traditionally, it refers to the transportation of knowledge over the mountain Parnassos in Greek mythology. In our ceremony, we are instead using the silhouette of Malmö and the world, to symbolise our societal commitment, our diversity and global foundation, all reflecting our University.



Honorary doctors

The University faculties appoint honorary doctors. An honorary doctorate is an award and an expression of the faculty’s appreciation of outstanding efforts in one of the faculty’s research fields.

Honorary doctors 2019

Sara Ahmed, Faculty of Culture and Society

Elisabet Nihlfors and Göran Levin, Faculty of Education and Society

Graduation ceremonies

In January and in May/June, many students graduate. Different departments celebrate differently, but it is usually a festive celebration that several years of studies have ended. Students are invited to mingle and entertainment together with other students and teachers. To obtain a degree, the student must meet the degree requirements.