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Malmö University press is an Open Access publisher, and strives to disseminate high quality research results to a wide audience. We are non-profit, and work in a spirit of collaboration and openness - with close ties to researchers and academia.

The daily operations of Malmö University Press are handled by the University Library. All publications are available digitally, free of charge. Printed publications can be purchased in our webshop.

Latest publications

Från formell till levd delaktighet

Från formell till levd delaktighet

Angelica Wågby Gräfe

Statlig kunskapsstyrning

Statlig kunskapsstyrning

Harald Gegner

Från Kingston till Göinge

Från Kingston till Göinge

Emilia Frölich

Equity in education for autistic students

Equity in education for autistic students

Linda Petersson-Bloom

An Expedition Between Innovation Politics and Anthropology

An Expedition Between Innovation Politics and Anthropology

Torbjörn Friberg

How to publish with Malmö University Press

Primarily, contact one of the existing book series or journals. The editorial board of each series or journal reviews applications and decides what to publish. Can't find a suitable book series or journal? Get in touch with Malmö University Press for more information on how to proceed. 

Book series published by Malmö University Press

This book series address a significant set of issues that emerge from studying the human condition in various situations and contexts. Books in this series are grounded in ethnographic and/or phenomenological approaches in that they take a departure from lived experiences in the context of the everyday lifeworld.

The topics of the books may include qualitative studies in the social sciences (including psychology) and theoretical studies concerned with theory of science and research methodology.

Contact information

Magnus Englander,

Torbjörn Friberg,

The book-series follows and renews a critical-vitalist tradition in the human and social sciences. At the core of such scientific studies are the creative evolution of human and world, the irreducibility of educational life to mechanist or finalist explanations, and continuous critique of taken-for-granted ideas of what constitutes a ‘good’ life and childhood for children. The series welcomes contributions that adopt a critical-creative methodology in the study of past, present and future educational core-questions of importance for children’s lives within and outside formal educational contexts. Such questions may focus, but are not limited to, children’s meaning-making, peer-cultures, and citizenship in relation to contemporary cultural, environmental and political changes in society.

Contact information

Hanna Sjögren, hannna.sjö    

The aim of this series is to publish research, predominately within the humanities, about aesthetic/artistic culture and class. It has a special focus on research about working-class literature and literary representations of class.

Contact information

Magnus Nilsson, 

Journals published by Malmö University Press

Educare is a peer-reviewed journal published regularly at the Faculty of Education and Society, Malmö University, Sweden since 2005. Educare publishes a wide range of research in education and educational sciences with particular interest in the Nordic and Baltic region. The journal constitutes a research forum for faculty, practitioners and policy makers.

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Editorial board,

Educare web page

Start a new book series or journal

If you want to start a new book series or journal, contact Malmö University Press for more information about the application process. Submitted applications are considered by the publishing committee.  

Publishing committee

Besides considering applications from new book series and journals, the publishing committee gives advice on general matters, and proposes changes to the overall aim and scope of Malmö University Press.

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Publishing guidelines

Malmö University Press ethical guidelines (in swedish)

The document is adapted from the ethical guidelines on editing and publishing created by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) 

Malmö University Press Open Access guidelines (in swedish)

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