At the Faculty of Culture and Society, research and education concerns many of the major issues of our time – for example those dealing with global politics, new media and sustainable urban development – from humanistic, social science, and design science perspectives.

The faculty is a creative, evolving and cross-border academic environment characterised by a high degree of internationalisation and collaboration with others, both inside and outside the academy. We are located in the centre of Malmö, but our perspectives cover the whole world. We are organised into three departments: Urban Studies, Global Political Studies and the School of Arts and Communication.

Objective for academic environments

The Faculty of Culture and Society has, as tasked by the Vice-Chancellor, during the academic year 2022/2023 developed an agenda for coherent and boundary-crossing academic environments, including an objective and strategic priorities for the next three years. 

KS agenda for coherent and boundary-crossing academic environments

Objective 2026

The main objective is that by 2026, KS will be home to eight coherent and boundary-crossing academic environments (see descriptions below) — that is, areas where the faculty conducts high-quality research, education at all levels and collaboration, both nationally and internationally.

  • Three of these academic environments will primarily be based in the School of Arts and Communication (K3)
  • Three in the Department of Urban Studies (US)
  • Two in the Department of Global Policy Studies (GPS)

The academic environments transcend both departmental and faculty boundaries and include collaboration partners from academia and beyond, in Sweden and other countries. It is also important to emphasise that the objective is contingent on the possibility of employees being part of multiple environments, and that the environments are intrinsically cross-disciplinary.Environments at KS.png

The images only visualise the contact areas of the environments within Malmö University.

Environments at KS, and their relations to each other and to environments at other faculties. 
HS – Faculty of Health and Society; LS – Faculty of Education and Society; TS –
Faculty of Technology and Society; OD – Faculty of Odontology

Larger picture, KS environments

GPS environments

K3 environments

US environments

Education at Culture and Society

The Faculty of Culture and Society has education in fields including communication, design, peace and conflict studies, human rights, international relations, leadership and organisation, political science, gender studies, environmental science, real estate science and sustainable urban development. 

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Our research

The Faculty's research publications in the database Diva.

Doctoral studies at the Faculty

At Culture and Society, we have doctoral studies in the subjects Global Politics, Interaction Design, International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER), Media and Communication Studies, Organisation Studies, and Urban Studies. In order to be admitted to postgraduate education, you must be employed as a doctoral student at the same time.