This department runs one of the country’s largest preschool teacher training programmes, as well as primary teacher training specialising in after-school recreation.

Education at Childhood, Education and Society

Education at the Department of Children, Youth and Society is designed to advance knowledge of children’s learning, emphasising play, development and meaning-making.

Childhood and Learning

The specialisation Childhood and Learning involves the study of childhood and the learning and living conditions of younger children. One important element of the subject is preschool didactics with an emphasis on play, development and meaning-making, as well as the development of preschool learning environments. The preschool’s quality, pedagogical development and roots in an educational philosophical understanding of its activities and conditions are areas in which the department works, both in education and research.

Recreation Instructor

The primary teacher degree specialising in after-school recreation includes the advance course Recreation Instructor in combination with one of the following subjects: visual arts, sports and health or music.

Research at Childhood, Education and Society

The department’s research is conducted from humanistic and social science perspectives with a focus on preschool teaching, historical and social aspects of childhood and education, after-school activities and pedagogical philosophy.

Research groups, researchers, publications and projects 

Childhood and Education (ChED)

This research deals with the study of childhood and education. The ChED Research Group investigates socioeconomic factors and living conditions. The researchers work at the Department of Children, Youth and Society.

Childhood and Education

Philosophical Studies of Education (PSE)

The PSE Research Group consists of researchers working on fundamental educational and pedagogical issues from a broad perspective. Historical and philosophical perspectives are applied to the research and the group studies issues, contradictions and subjects related to educational processes and relationships.

Philosophical Studies of Education (PSE)

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The department collaborates with other higher education institutions, municipalities, individual preschools and after-school centres through research projects and continued professional development, all within the framework of childhood studies and professional preschool teaching and recreation centres.

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