On this page you can read about the university's whistleblower function and how to report misconduct.


Sweden has had a whistleblower law, which gives whistleblowers increased protection, since December 2021. The law regulates the right to confidentiality and the obligation to keep the whistleblower's identity secret.

The law is very limited, and there are therefore other ways to report and make colleagues and managers aware of irregularities and whistleblowing.

Who can be a whistleblower?

Malmö University has an internal whistleblowing channel. If you are an employee, jobseeker, trainee or similar, the law protects your identity when you report irregularities.

Please note that the law does not give students this identity protection. In addition to employees, several others are also covered by the whistleblower law, such as:

  • consultants
  • board members
  • or those who have a work-related connection with Malmö University

How to use the whistleblowing function

The wrongdoing must be work-related and bringing it to light in the public interest. You can report in writing, orally and, if you wish, at a physical meeting or via a digital form.

External reporting channel

Unlike an internal reporting channel, an external reporting channel allows workers to submit information to a government-designated agency. The Swedish Work Environment Authority, the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection and the County Administrative Boards are examples of such authorities.

An external reporting channel can receive, follow up and provide feedback on reports of irregularities in certain specific areas. Anyone wishing to report can do so directly to an external reporting channel without first submitting information through the internal reporting channel.

Internal reporting channels

How to report via our digital form via KPMG

The link leads to a reporting form that must be filled in. When you send the report, it goes to an external actor, KPMG, who then passes it on to Malmö University.

KPMG's digital whistleblowing form

If you do not want to use the form but would rather write a letter or make a phone call.


Malmö University
205 06 Malmö
040-665 70 00


Nordenskiöldsgatan 8
211 19 Malmö
040-35 62 00

How your report is handled

If you choose to report via the internal channels, your data will be handled by both HPMG and Malmö University.

Please note that a report is considered a public document at Malmö University and may be disclosed in accordance with the principle of public access to official documents.
When you provide your name and other contact details, your identity is protected by confidentiality, provided that the whistleblowing is work-related, of public interest and that you are an employee or equivalent.


Anyone who reports misconduct, and where it is deemed to be a whistleblower case, will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the report within seven days. Follow-up on any action taken will be provided within three months.

Prohibition of reprisals

A non-retaliation clause prohibits the employer from taking obstructive or retaliatory action against the person who intends to or has reported through the whistleblowing function.

What is a whistleblowing?

​Whistleblowing means that a person reports irregularities and misconduct. It can be about things that are illegal, unethical or inappropriate.

Examples of what you can report are suspicions of corruption, money laundering, fraud, bribery and other kinds of misconduct and irregularities.

The Act enables the reporting of irregularities in a work-related context when it is in the public interest that the irregularities come to light.

The Swedish Whistleblowing Act (only available in Swedish)