The Swedish National Graduate School of Science and Technology Education Research (FontD) is funded by the Swedish Research Council during the period 2020-2025.

A strong, broad scientific and technical education is critical for democracy, not least in view of the increasingly important role of science and technology in society. Without this, we are more poorly equipped to discuss and make balanced choices in relation to issues concerning new technology and health, as well as democratic processes that touch on how we as a society should tackle issues concerned with our global fate, such as climate change, food supply, epidemics and antibiotic resistance. In addition, young people have to deal with the impact of growing up surrounded by high levels of information via different media channels.

A closer relationship between research and school can hopefully continue reversing the negative trends by finding new avenues for teaching. A heightened quality in school teaching of science and technology is critical in order to realise these visions, and teacher education is a natural and important interface for developing schools.

Our research focus

Research at Malmö University is focused on investigating the perquisites for as well as the creating of learning arenas that equip children and young people for more proactive, responsible and critically conscious engagement in sustainable technological and societal development.

A collaboration between ten higher education institutions

The Graduate School is a collaboration between Linköping University, which is the host, and the following nine higher education institutions: Halmstad University, Kristianstad University, Karlstad University, Royal Institute of Technology, Linnaeus University, Malmö University, Mälardalen University, Umeå University and Örebro University.