University Housing is accommodation administered by Malmö University, where tuition fee-paying students, exchange students and doctoral students can stay.

University Housing nurtures a residential environment supportive of individual student growth and development. Our mission is to encourage student success by creating a quality living environment that provides opportunities for socialising and learning outside the classroom.

University Housing is available for eligible students only.

Resident life

The residential environment is important for student learning. By facilitating conversation and learning beyond the traditional classroom setting University Housing empowers tenants to engage in discussion and meaningful interactions in the place where they spend most of their time — their home.

The residental staff are committed to helping tenants resolve concerns connected to the tenancy that may arise during their time living within University Housing. Our live-in staff, Resident Assistants, serves as a resource, to welcome new tenants and introduces them to theitr new home whitin the building and the nearby area. As the Resident Assistants are students themself, living in Univeristy Housing, they can relate to, and help ease the transistion into university and every day life in Malmö.

The purpose of our residence life programme is to provide support for community building in the residence.

Residence halls

Our residence halls have the benefits of a residential campus, even though they are situated in the middle of the city. We offer a dynamic and inclusive living environment with furnished dormitory rooms that are equipped with the amenities needed for successful studies. Whether you want the atmosphere of a traditional dorm room or a quieter and more homely feel, we have a spot for you to call home!

Our residences have private bathrooms, controlled residence access, on-call maintenance staff, and fully equipped kitchens. Amenities include free laundry facilities, broadband and/or Wi-Fi internet connections. Kitchen, lounge area and balcony layout varies by location. Each building has a Resident Assistant who arranges various social and educational activities.

Please note that single rooms are for one tenant only and that both occupants in double rooms must be students.

I'm very happy to live in University Housing as this has created a social network and a support network for me outside classes. It has truly helped me to feel welcomed.

Amber Bollard, Celsiusgården


Built in 1928, Celsiusgården is the oldest student residence in the city of Malmö. The large brick building, with its slender willow tree, welcomes its residents to an historic yet modern living experience. Originally a care home, Celsiusgården now welcomes students from all over the world.

If one is to pick just one word to describe the atmosphere at Celsius, it would be 'homely'.

Celsiusgården is located at Rönnbladsgatan 2A in Malmö.


The building has 40 dormitory rooms with private bathrooms divided on 4 floors. The room size varies between 13-17 square meters.

The rooms are fully furnished with a single bed (90x200 cm), nightstand, desk, desk chair, and a cupboard. A pillow and a duvet are provided – the cost for this is in included in the instalment payment.

Common areas

Each floor has a fully-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, stove, microwave, fridge, freezer, and kitchen utensils, and a spacious lounge area for the tenants to share. The laundry room together with a storage room for bicycles, is situated in the basement.


The rent is SEK 4,859 per month. Water, electricity and heating are included in the rent, as is the cost for furniture and Wi-Fi. The rent is paid for ten months out of twelve, leaving the period mid-June to mid-August rent free.

The rent is paid online via bank transfer, with cash, or by credit card. It is possible to pay for more than one month at a time.

Please note that there is an annual rent increase of 2 per cent at the beginning of the spring semester.


Rönngården is the place where academics become socially-minded, traditions become new experiences, and students learn about cultural diversity —  all in the comfort of their own home. With an amazing view over the Malmö skyline, Rönngården hosts up to 141 students in a classical dorm setting. You can still find traces of Rönngården's past as a hospital, for example in the wide corridors. But where there used to be people in need of care, there is now a vibrant, international crowd waiting to get to know you.

Rönngården is located at Rönnblomsgatan 6A in Malmö.


The building has nine floors, with the top five available for students. Each floor has 27-29 spacious rooms, between 17-25 square metres and with private bathrooms.

The rooms are fully furnished with a single bed (90x200cm), nightstand, desk, desk chair and a cupboard. A pillow and duvet are provided – the cost for these are included in the instalment payment.

Double rooms

There are 9 double room, perfect for those who have a friend also attending Malmö University – or someone in need of a lower rent. Unless the tenant express who they wishes to share a double room with, a roommate of the same sex will be allotted.

The double rooms are fully furnished with two single beds (90x200cm), nightstands, desks, desk chairs and two cupboards. Pillows and duvets are provided – the cost for these are included in the instalment payment. Please note that the double rooms on Floor 5 – 6 have a small kitchenette.

The room size varies between 29 – 36 square metres.

Common areas

All five floors have a large, fully-equipped kitchen with ovens, microwaves, fridges, freezers, and kitchen utensils. Floor 5 and 6 have a separate lounge areas, whereas Floors 7, 8 and 9 have a combined kitchen and lounge area. The standard on Floor 7 – 9 is slightly higher compared to the other floors.

There is a laundry room, available at no extra cost, and a large balcony on each floor.

Storage for bicycles is situated nearby.


The rent varies depending on the room size, the location in the building, and on when the floor was renovated. Please note that the rent increases during the spring semester.

Floors 5, 6: SEK 4830 - 4983 per month

Floors 7, 8 and 9: SEK 4934 - 5461 per month

Double rooms: SEK 3206 - 3445 per month

Water, electricity and heating are included in the rent, as is the cost for furniture. Internet is included in the rent. As there is no Wi-Fi in the building, you must bring a personal router or network cable to connect to the broadband.

You can pay your rent by online bank transfer, with cash or by credit card. You can pay for more than one month at a time.

How to apply for University Housing

Malmö University guarantee housing for tuition fee-paying students during their studies, provided that an application is submitted before the application period closes. For exchange students, housing is offered depending on availability.

January 1, 2023, Swedish legislation has been renewed which amongst other things makes it illegal for Swedish universities to sublet housing to European students outside exchange agreements as well as national students. Students who received a exemption from paying tuition fees are this case considered as European students, and are no longer eligible for university provided housing.

Application dates for Spring 2024

Application open: November 2-14

Open for newly admitted tuition fee-paying students, exchange students and doctoral students.

Need to apply outside the application period? Contact us directly.

Newly admitted tuition fee-paying students, who applied in the international round, and exchange students will receive a link to the registration form via email, once the application period for University Housing begins in May/November. You register for University Housing by submitting the application form. Please read through the information on residence halls before making your decision.

At this point, Malmö University does not have housing suitable for more than one student. Tution fee-paying students with families does therefore not qualify for the housing guarantee.

Applicants will receive a placement offer via email, a couple of weeks after the application period has ended. Eligible students, who the Housing Office could not accommodate in the first round, will automatically be placed on the waiting list.

Rooms available after the first round are distributed via the waiting list.

Once you have received an offer, you can either accept or decline. Please note that the placement offer is final and that changes cannot be made. The Housing Office offers a possibility to change rooms between academic semesters.

Instructions on how to secure the room you have been offered are included in the email confirming your placement. Please note that you must pay the first month's rent, a SEK 5,000 deposit and a one-off fee for a duvet and pillow, in order to secure your offer.

If the first payment is not made in time, Malmö University holds the right to withdraw the placement offer.

The Housing Office staff will send arrival information to all new tenants a couple of weeks before the start of your rental agreement in order to allow time for you prepare for your stay. You are welcome to reach out to one of the Resident Assistants if you have further questions or concerns.

Please note that it is not possible to access your room before the start of your rental agreement.

Malmö University processes your personal data

When you apply for University Housing, we collect your personal data (with your consent) in order for us to process your application. We keep your data while you are in the housing queue, or until you request to be removed from the queue. 

Your personal data is managed by Malmö University (Malmö University, 205 06 Malmö, 202100-4920) or other companies that process this data on our behalf.

Signing up to the housing queue

When you sign up to our housing queue, we collect and process your personal data (with your consent) in order to process your application. We will keep the data for as long as you remain on the waiting list for housing or until you request to be removed from the list. 

Being offered housing

If you are offered housing we will need to process further personal data, such as information regarding your studies and tuition status.

During the tenancy period

Once you are our tenant and sign a rental agreement, we will process your personal data in order to fulfil our obligations as proprietor and contracting party. We process personal data when:

  • we distribute rent slips
  • when rent payments are administered
  • when something is due to be repaired or replaced in your room
  • when we send out information concerning your tenancy

Your personal data may be handled by a data processor on our behalf, for example, one of the property owners that we sublet student housing from. We may also dispense your personal data according to law or official decisions. If your personal data is disclosed to a country outside the EU, we are responsible for making sure that this is legal.

We will save your personal data for as long as is necessary for the rental agreement.

When the tenancy period is over

We are a public organisation and as such, we abide by the Freedom of Press Act. This means that we store public records, documents sent to us, or documents that we write ourselves (such as tenancy agreements), in our archive. We screen all public records according to our document management plan.

All information that does not need to be archived will be deleted after processing has been completed.

Your rights

  • You have the right to a detailed account of the specific uses that we have made, are making, or will be making of your personal data.
  • You have the right to get incorrect information corrected.
  • You have the right to request that we limit our processing of your personal data, for example, if you consider them incorrect.
  • You have the right to get your personal data transferred to another company (data portability).

You can find out what has been registered about you or get feedback on the processing of information collected by contacting or the University's Data Protection Officer at Complaints that cannot be resolved with Malmö University may be submitted to Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten.

Malmö University scores top results in tenant satisfaction

It is essential that our international students enjoys living with us. Our goal is to offer more than just a bed, we want to help them create a home. The customer survey is an important tool in our quest to become even better in our communication and to provide good service.

Malmö University scores top results in tenant satisfaction

It is essential that our international students enjoys living with us. Our goal is to offer more than just a bed, we want to help them create a home. The customer survey is an important tool in our quest to become even better in our communication and to provide good service.

– It is an honour to win, and satisfying as well of course to get confirmation that we are on the right track in developing University Housing, even though we still have areas in need of improvement. We could never have done this without our Resident Assistants though, they are the core of the tenant oriented service we provide, says Therese Löfgren, Housing Advisor at Malmö University.

The response rate reached 83% of the tenants took part. Amongst the areas where tenants are the most satisfied, safety and customer care stands out.

Satisfied Customer Index (NKI) is measured at 79 out of 100. The average results amongst participating Universities is 74. Malmö University’s Net Promoter Score is 51%. It is the sixth time that Malmö University has won in its class.

The survey, Satisfied Studbo, was conducted by Origo Group on behalf of the Student Housing Companies (SBF). SBF is an industry organisation for student housing providers where most of Sweden's student housing companies are affiliated, both private and non-profit.

Terms and conditions for University Housing

These Terms & Conditions applies when you apply for University Housing.

Cancelation policy

The Housing Office holds the right to withdraw a housing offer, if the instalment payment (the first rent, deposit, and bedding fee) isn't made before the set deadline. The first rent is non-refundable, regardless of which party that initiated the cancellation.

The rental agreement is binding from the time the instalment payment is received by Malmö University, even if a formal contract has not yet been signed. Once the rental agreement is binding neither Malmö University nor MKB Fastighet can terminate it in advance. The tenant can terminate the rental agreement with one calendar month's notice.

The above terms apply even if the tenant’s residence permit is declined, or if the tenant for some other reason is unable to come to Sweden.

In order to get a refund of the deposit and the one-off fee for duvet and pillow, the request for termination must be received no less than one calendar month before the start of the rental agreement.

The Housing Office holds the right to make deduction from the deposit for unpaid rent, damage, lost keys, and failed room inspection when moving out.

Rental period

Rental agreements are written for one semester at a time. The Housing Office cannot guarantee extensions for all tenants.

Tenants who wish to prolong their rental agreements over summer, will be able to do so provided that the housing rules and regulations have been met.

Tenants who wish to prolong their rental agreement for the following semester, must meet the requirements below:

  • have completed at least 14 credits
  • be enrolled in full-time studies as a tuition fee-paying student for the following semester or as an exchange student with an exchange period of two semesters
  • have paid all of tuition fees on time (fee-paying students)
  • have met the housing rules and regulations

Home insurance

All University Housing tenants must have a valid home insurance, or an equivalent insurance, during the tenancy period. Tenants are required to submit a copy of their insurance letter to the Housing Office within the first week of moving in.

Incoming exchange students are covered by ‘Student IN’ through Kammarkollegiet, which has a property as well as a liability cover. This insurance can be equated to a home insurance policy issued by a private insurance company. The Housing Office recommend tenants obtain a private home insurance as well, since those usually have far better conditions and coverage.

Distribution policy

Student housing available through Malmö University (University Housing) at Rönngården and Celsiusgården is primarily distributed to students who are eligible for a housing guarantee. Possible vacancies are distributed to exchange students admitted to fulltime studies for an academic year or a full semester, depending on their agreement.

Distribution Order:

  • Fee paying students (housing guarantee applies to fee paying students having paid their tuition fee before deadline)
  • Linnaeus Palme
  • Bilateral agreements
  • Erasmus
  • NordPlus

In order to qualify to the first round of distribution, the application for University Housing must be filled in and sent before deadline, via the online application form. Late applicants is put on a waiting list.

If Malmö University cannot accommodate all full-time exchange students, the priority is done accordingly:

  • Fair distribution between faculties at Malmö University.
  • A balanced representation from different universities in Europe
  • Duration of stay

The Good Chat Podcast

Listen to the Good Chat Podcast and get updated on things good to know when considering Sweden as your study destination. In the podcast, you can listen to what current and past tenants have to say about living in Malmö and within University Housing.

Listen to the podcast


For general questions regarding housing, please contact Housing Advisors Johanna Miró Lindberg and Therese Löfgren via:

Student Centre, Neptuniplan 7