Every year, Malmö University welcomes more than 300 exchange students from all over the world. Being an exchange student is a great chance to broaden your academic horizons and get to know another country.

Applying for exchange studies

In order to be accepted as an exchange student you need to be a student at, and nominated by, one of our partner universities. The nomination is done by your home university through an online form. The link to the nomination form has been sent to all our partners.

1. Find courses and check eligibility

When you are nominated for exchange studies from your home university, you will receive a complete list of available courses via email.  A complete list of courses to choose during the autumn semester is published in mid-March every year, and the complete list for the spring semester is published in mid-September each year. 

Courses offered the previous academic year

You may find the courses that were offered the previous academic year below. Please note that the course lists are subject to change, and the offer may not be the same in the next application round.

Courses offered for exchange students Spring 2022

Courses offered for exchange students Autumn 2022

Information on the course page

When you have found a course that you are interested in, you can find the following on the course page:

  • Admission requirements
  • Syllabus
  • Course dates
  • Whether it's a full-time or part-time course
  • Department: under the 'Contact' tab you can find the department or school where the course is offered

Finding out if you're eligible

You can find out if you are eligible by checking the admission requirements for the course or courses you are interested in. Some courses require that you have previously studied within the field. 

English language requirements for exchange students 

English-taught courses at Malmö University assume English proficiency to correspond to at least Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) B2 level. Your home institution is responsible to check your level of English proficiency before nomination. 

Read more about the B2 level

Some courses may have additional requirements regarding your English language requirement - please make sure to check the course specific requirements. 

Choosing courses

Good to know about higher education credits:

  • 30 credits are equivalent to one semester of full-time studies
  • 15 credits are equivalent to half a semester of full-time studies, or a full semester of part-time (50%) studies 
  • 7.5 credits are equivalent to one-quarter of a semester of full-time studies, or a full semester of part-time (25%) studies

Combining courses

You can choose to combine part-time courses so that they add up to full-time studies. Be sure to check both course dates and credits carefully to make sure the number of credits add up to full-time studies. It is very important that you make sure that you do not, for example, choose two full-time 15 credit courses that run during the same dates.

Swedish for exchange students

All exchange students are offered a language course during their studies at Malmö University. The course, Swedish Language, Culture and Society 1A is equivalent to 5 higher education credits and is not included in your total of 30 selectable credits. 

Course information about Swedish Language, Culture and Society 1A

2. Prepare your documents

Make sure you have filled in and attached your documents. Before submitting your application you need to prepare the following:

  • Fill in the Selection of courses form for the courses that you are interested in. 
    Selection of courses form
  • Personal Statement: a description of why you are interested in exchange studies at Malmö University. This should be no longer than 200 words;
  • Transcript of Academic Records: the official documentation of academic achievements from your home university;
  • Identification Document: a copy of the page in your passport with your personal data and photograph, or a similar identification document.
  • Proof of English proficiency. (If there are specific requirements for your course. For more information about English language requirements, see step 1).
  • If you wish to study on master’s level you will need to upload a copy of your Bachelor’s Degree Certificate, as well.

Application deadlines

Spring semester: 15 October

Autumn semester: 15 April 

Contact our Administrative Coordinators 

Each faculty at Malmö University has at least one Administrative Coordinator, a person responsible for international matters and student exchange. This person is also the contact person that should be used on your Online Learning Agreement. On the course page under 'Contact' you can find the department or school within which your course is offered.

International Office at Malmö University