The doctoral school focuses on the design of research projects in relation to vocational skills, the content of vocational education, as well as its social, historical and professional context.

About the doctoral school

The doctoral school Pedagogy and Vocational Skills is part of Lärosäten Syd. It is a collaboration between Kristianstad University, Linnaeus University and Malmö University. Within the doctoral school, the three universities jointly offer doctoral courses in pedagogy and vocational skills. The research school also organises activities such as joint seminars, workshops and boarding and participation in scientific conferences.

Through its interdisciplinary and practice-oriented orientation, the doctoral school creates unique conditions for developing the vocational didactic knowledge area, which is characterised by interdisciplinary working methods in the borderland between theory and practice. The doctoral school ensures high quality, good utilisation of resources and good mutual contact between business and society and doctoral students.

Five doctoral students

The doctoral school currently has five doctoral students. Central to the doctoral school is to:

  • work towards the goals of postgraduate education,
  • and develop critical and independent researchers in the scientific community.
  • communicate research results, as well as to
  • create national and international networks that help drive research on vocational education and vocational didactics forward.

Steering group

  • Daniel Alvunger, Linnaeus University
  • Victoria Johansson, Kristianstad University
  • Peter Koudahl, Malmö University (convener)