Social work is both a scientific discipline, an educational field and a profession. Here, classic welfare issues such as poverty, homelessness and social ill health are combined with a strong focus on issues dealing with children, the family, ageing, disability, substance abuse and addiction.

Education at Social Work

The Department of Social Work provides education at bachelor's and master's levels. You can also take on of our many independent courses in the fields of social work, disability and rehabilitation science, or social psychiatry.

Research environment at Social Work 

Research is conducted at the Department of Social Work in a number of different fields relating to issues concerning social problems and work on social change. This involves research not only into individuals and groups, but also into how social conditions can be used in a welfare perspective. 

Researchers, Publications and Projects

Contact the institution's researchers with your questions and proposals for collaboration.

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Research about Covid-19 and the pandemic

Researchers at the department have examined covid-19 and the corona pandemic from several perspectives in recent years. Some central themes have been ageing and covid, relatives' experiences, distance learning, the impact on relationships and sexuality, living conditions during the pandemic, and how the conditions for social work have been affected for, for example, social services and women's shelters.

Social Work seminar

Doctoral studies

Most of the research at the Faculty of Health and Society is interdisciplinary, which opens up opportunities for new and exciting areas of research beyond the subject divisions that have traditionally existed between medicine and social sciences.

Collaborate with us

Our research is carried out and developed in close cooperation with local stakeholders, national organisations and agencies, as well as with international cooperation partners. Research training is conducted more than 20 doctoral students, some of whom are recruited via the graduate school for professionals in the fields of health, nursing and welfare.

Contract courses

We can offer continuing professional development for your staff in the form of courses tailored to meet your wants and needs. You will get access to the latest research and to the disciplinary range offered by the University.

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