On this page you can read about the University's overall strategy, vision and goals for 2023-2025.

Malmö University’s strategy presents a common direction for the entire University with a vision, core values and overarching objectives, while describing three focus areas with priorities for the coming three-year period.

Academic values as a starting point

The five academic values of academic freedom, academic integrity, academic quality, academic accountability and academic collegiality form the very foundation of the entire University and therefore permeate Strategy 2025. Supported by its academic values, Malmö University will be an engaged actor in society – locally, nationally and globally – through research-based knowledge, critical reflection and readiness to act. 

Focus areas 2023–2025

This section presents the three most important focus areas in the further development of Malmö University during the period 2023–2025. Together with the University’s vision, core values and objectives, the academic values form the basis of this strategy. They are integrated into the focus areas, that build upon an analysis of the first five years as a university and the conditions for education and research of the highest quality. Each focus area is introduced by a vision statement, followed by a set of priorities to guide the planning and follow-up of the University’s various activities.

The open university

Malmö University is an open, innovative and boundary-crossing university that handles complex issues and societal challenges. Education and research are multi- or interdisciplinary, cross organisational boundaries and are co-created with actors outside the University. Malmö University is an active and critical voice in society, promoting a knowledge-based, open and constructive public debate — locally, nationally and globally. The University is a national role model for inclusion and widening recruitment in education, doctoral education and research.

How we will contribute to openness and boundary-crossing collaboration

Malmö University contributes to openness and boundary-crossing collaboration and shall during 2023–2025:

  • Contribute to meeting global challenges within climate, health and democracy through multidisciplinary research-based knowledge
  • Reduce its own climate and environmental impact, continuously monitor the progress and regularly communicate the results both internally and externally
  • Work systematically on widening recruitment in education, doctoral education and research and follow-up on the results
  • Increase collaborations with European universities and strengthen the University’s position in European university networks and funding under Horizon Europe and the Erasmus programmes
  • Intensify collaborations with strategic partners in the public, private and non-governmental sectors
  • Develop collaborations with other universities on projects promoting democratic values and support other universities and colleagues in their work for democracy and academic freedom
  • Recognise and value staff members’ collaborative skills and contribution to open science in the context of merit and employment

Coherent and boundary-crossing academic environments

Malmö University offers coherent academic environments — where education and research of the highest quality are inseparable and there is a critical mass of internationally active researchers, teaching staff and doctoral students as well as first and second cycle students.

Coherent academic environments enable students’ academic progression within the University, continuing their studies at the next level, while at the same time providing the University's teachers and researchers the opportunity to develop their academic careers.

Collaboration with other societal actors is a natural part of boundary-crossing education and research. Long-term collaborations with other national and international universities contribute to making the academic environments boundary-crossing, sustainable over time and internationally outstanding.

How we will strengthen the coherent academic environments

Malmö University strengthens the coherent academic environments and shall during 2023–2025:

  • Further develop forms of collaborative learning and work-related education so that all students are equipped to actively meet current societal challenges and navigate an ever-changing working life
  • Promote international research collaborations and introduce courses or modules in English in all degree programmes for increased international and national exchange
  • Pursue efforts to develop and draw upon the teaching competences — including digital skills for blended learning — of teaching staff
  • Further develop research infrastructure and scientific methodology to promote research quality and the development of a system for open science
  • Promoting a research ethics approach in both education and research
  • Clarify and communicate different forms of research groups and clusters and profiled research environments to strengthen research and continue to increase external research funding
  • Attract external resources for the establishment of doctoral schools that clearly contribute to the development of coherent and boundary-crossing academic environments
  • Continue to build coherent academic environments that transcend departmental and faculty boundaries and established organisational structures
  • Involve alumni more in collaborative teaching and research for increased quality and societal relevance

A creative and sustainable workplace and learning environment

At Malmö University, the culture is one of trust, participation and joy of working, and the mobility opportunities within the University make us an attractive place to work and learn.

The University's campuses offer creative and social meeting places for both staff and students where sustainable development, health perspectives and cultural expressions are important parts of the environment.

Malmö University is nationally recognised for an academically inclusive leadership and a good balance between management and collegiality (where the knowledge of all staff and students is utilised in an optimal way).

How we will become a sustainable workplace and learning environment

Malmö University strives to be a creative and sustainable workplace and learning environment and shall during 2023–2025:

  • Establish creative and social meeting places for both staff and students
  • Work knowledge-based, health-promoting and systematically for a sustainable working environment
  • Further develop an inclusive leadership based on mutual trust where the competences of all students and staff are utilised in an optimal way
  • Promote student engagement and influence to further develop education and the campus environment
  • Work actively to promote diversity, inclusion and equality among the University’s employees
  • Further develop support and structures so that international staff are given better opportunities to participate in the different parts of the University’s operations and activities
  • Making coherent periods of time available for teaching and research by further designing working methods and procedures based on equality, trust and predictability
  • Support researchers early on in their careers by providing guidance and mentoring and promoting gender equality in career opportunities
  • Develop the digital working and learning environment to promote flexible work practices and to meet the needs of new generations of students

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