To study at Malmö University you must apply online through The website contains all the information you need for the application process and the steps you need to take after you have completed it.

Find entry requirements

You can find out if they are eligible and find specific entry requirements are listed on the respective programme’s page in the online course catalogue. 

English language proficiency

The English-language requirements are the same for all study programmes at the University; we require English B, or what is also referred to as English 6. Read more about how to meet the requirements at

English language requirements

Admission requirements for master’s studies

The minimum requirement for master’s studies is a completed bachelor’s degree that is equivalent to one in the Swedish educational system. Find country-specific information regarding qualifications at

Country-specific instructions

Most master’s programmes require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field; please check the programme page for more information.

Special instructions apply to those who are in their final semester at the time of application. Find the instructions at

Final year of bachelor's studies

Admission requirements for bachelor’s studies

To be admitted to bachelor’s studies you need to have completed an upper secondary school education that is considered equivalent to one in the Swedish educational system. Check if your country’s upper secondary school education makes you eligible for bachelor’s studies in Sweden at

Country-specific instructions

Eligibility through Recognition of prior learning

If you lack formal credentials supporting general or specific admissions requirements, you can show that you have the potential to manage university studies by applying for recognition of prior learning. Prior learning may have been acquired in a number of ways, for example:

  • Work experience
  • Education outside of the formal education system
  • Other life experiences

Eligibility through recognition of prior learning does not automatically lead to a place on a course or programme, but it gives you an opportunity to partake in the selection. Please remember to explore what possibilities you have to compete in the selection for the education for which you are applying.

If you have previously been considered eligible through recognition of prior learning, your description and other documents remain in our admissions system. However, you always need to notify us regarding your current application for Recognition of prior learning. Easiest way to do this is to send an email to

This is how you apply for recognition of prior learning at Malmö University

  1. Thoroughly read through the document under “Directions for your application” below, and do the assignments which are relevant to your application.
  2. Apply to the course/programme of your choosing through before the application deadline.
  3. Submit your application for recognition of prior learning together with your responses to the assignments onto before the application deadline.
  4. Send an email to and let us know that you have applied for recognition of prior learning.

Directions for your application

When you apply for recognition of prior learning, you should follow the directions in order for our assessment to be as good as possible. In the directions, you will receive:

  • Information about which admissions requirements there are for general and specific eligibility
  • Assignments you should do to show your potential to manage university studies.



When to apply

We recommend that all international students apply in the first admissions round, open from October until January. Citizens from the European Union (EU), a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland can also apply in the second admission round. Some courses and distance-learning programmes also accept students for the spring semester. See what dates apply to you in the different admission rounds.   

Admission rounds

Below you can find the application dates for the various admission rounds.

First admission round for autumn semester 2022

We recommend international students apply in this round.

  • Application period: 18 October – 17 January
  • Admissions results published, master's studies: 7 April
  • Admissions results published, bachelor's studies: 13 April

Second admission round for autumn semester 2022

Students with citizenship in a European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland can apply in the Second admissions round for autumn semester. However, we recommend that all international students apply in the first admission round so that you have time to make arrangements for accommodation before the start of the semester.

Non-EU citizens who need to apply for a residence permit are not recommended to apply in the second admission round since it is near impossible to obtain a residence permit before the semester starts.

  • Application period: 15 March – 19 April
  • Admissions results published: 12 July

Admission round for spring semester 

International students can apply for distance learning courses starting in the spring semester. Students who need to apply for a residence permit should not apply for on-campus courses.

Spring semester 2022

  • Application period: 1 June – 16 August
  • Notification of Selection Results: 7 October for bachelor's studies and 21 October for master's studies. 


How to apply 

Students apply to Malmö University online through the national website Follow our step-by-step guide to the application process.  

1. Find your programme and check admission requirements

All degree programmes and courses can be found on our website. 

Find education

You can filter by subject, level of education, and duration of the programme, as well as find programmes that are open for late applications.  

Click on the programme or course you are interested in to find the following information:

  • admission requirements; 
  • tuition fees for non-EU students; and
  • other requirements specific to certain programmes and courses.

2. Submit your application

Make sure to apply by 17 January through

When clicking the ‘Apply’ button on the programme page, you will be directed to the national admissions website You will then need to create an account to be able to submit your application. 

Paying the application fee and exemptions

Applicants with citizenship from a non-EU/EEA country are required to pay an application fee of 900 SEK for the admissions application to be processed. 

EU/EEA and Swiss applicants are exempt from payment and must provide documentation of their citizenship in order for the application to be processed.

The deadline for paying the application fee or sending in documentation proving fee exemption is February 1. Find more information at 

3. Submit your documents

For your application to be processed you need to submit the required documentation. Make sure you also check the programme page to find out if there are any specific requirements. Please also make sure to check the country-specific instructions. 

The deadline for submitting your documents is February 1. 

4. Late applications

Some programmes are open for late applications. If you submit your application after the deadline OR if you submit supporting documents after the documentation deadline, your application will be considered late.

Late applications are processed only if time allows. Your place in the selection process will be determined by the date you send in your complete application, late applications are viewed on a first-come basis. 

Please note: Malmö University cannot say when your late application will be processed. If processed, it is likely students will receive a result after University Admissions' Selection of Notification Results.


5. Get updates on your application process

You can get updates on your application and be notified when your documents have been registered through your account at 

Results of your application

If you applied in the first admission round, the result of your application will be available in your account in April. The admission results might also be referred to as notification of selection results. 

More about admission results

Admission result for first admission round for autumn semester

If you applied for a master's programme you will receive a notification regarding the result of your application on April 9. If you are a bachelor's applicant, you will receive notification of the result of your application by April 16. If you applied in the first admission round and were admitted or placed on the reserve list and wish to keep your place, you are not required to reply to the offer.

Admission result for second admission round for autumn semester

If you are a citizen in the European Union (EU), a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland, and applied in the second admission round, you will receive your Notification of Selection Result by July 16. It is important that you reply to your offer by July 23. 

Applicants in the second admissions round will receive two admission results. If you are admitted or placed on a waiting list by the first admission result, you need to reply to your offer at You will find detailed instructions in the admission results sent to you by

By the second admission result, you might find out if you’ve been admitted to an education where you’ve previously been put on the waiting list. You do not need to reply to your second admission result. More about admissions results at

Admissions results

Please note that you can be admitted to no more than 45 higher education credits per semester. This means that your offer might change by the second admissions decision depending on how you’ve ranked your application. Read more about how ranking will affect your admissions results at

Rank your selections 

Reply to your admissions offer

If you decline your offers or forget to reply to your offer, you will lose any placements you’ve been offered. You will not get a new opportunity to reply. You can, however, make a new application to educations that are open for late applications.

Reserve list

Due to lower merit ratings, keen competition, or if you have a late application, you might be placed on the waiting list for a programme. You will receive notification by email from University Admissions if you are offered a place. 

It is not possible for us to estimate your chances of being admitted If you are put on the waiting list.

More about the reserve list


If you have general questions about applying to Swedish universities, or problems creating or accessing your user account, please contact:

University Admissions Support Centre

If you have questions related to your application to Malmö University, contact our Admissions Office

Student Service Centre, Neptuniplan 7
+46 40 665 75 00
Phone hours: Monday–Thursday 11.00-12.00

Comments and complaints

Comments and complaints directed at the Admissions Office are submitted to the Manager, Annika Pfannenstill