Congratulations on being accepted to Malmö University! Now it's time to start preparing for your studies. Here you will find information about Arrival Day, the academic calendar, the Orientation, the Buddy Programme and more.

Arrival Day

We recommend that all international students who have housing through Malmö University Housing to arrive on the official Arrival Day to get the keys to their accommodation and receive welcome information. University staff, student mentors and landlord representatives will be on hand throughout the day to welcome students and answer any questions. 

Arrival Day for the autumn semester 2023 is 18 August.

If you will not be living in University Housing, you do not need to come on Arrival Day.

Arriving late or after Arrival Day

If you arrive in Malmö later than 17.00 on Arrival Day, or at a later date, you will need to make an appointment with the Housing Office by emailing

The International Office does not have access to your keys, so it is very important that you make arrangements with the Housing Office beforehand if you are arriving in the city after Arrival Day or later than 17.00 on Arrival Day.


All students admitted to courses and programmes taught in English are invited to take part in the Malmö University Orientation. The Orientation consists of lectures and activities that are designed to help you become acquainted with Sweden, Malmö and Malmö University. You will get the chance to meet other students and get to know your surroundings.

The Orientation begins with a welcome meeting and is followed by a series of practical, academic and social activities. The Orientation activities during the autumn semester 2023 are arranged between 18 – 30 August, with the Arrival Day on 18 August.

Please note that you have to sign-up in order to participate in Orientation. You are welcome to attend all activities, or just the ones you find relevant. The schedule and the sign-up form will be published here in June 2023.

How to sign up for Orientation

The following sign-up forms will open in June 2023.

Orientation autumn 2023

This sign-up form is for admitted students who have applied to courses or programmes at Malmö University via University Admissions.

Please note that exchange students do NOT need to fill in this form.

Sign up for Orientation autumn 2023 (Microsoft Forms)

Social activities organised autumn 2023

This is sign-up form for the social activities organised by ESN, the Student Union and University Housing during the Orientation. Make sure to sign up so that you do not miss out in this! 

Sign up for Social Activites autumn 2023 (Microsoft Forms)

Welcome Mingle hosted by the City of Malmö

Please see 'Orientation schedule autumn 2023' below for more details.

This form is for all newly admitted international students, including exchange students. Please note that attendance is mandatory if you sign up!

Sign up for the Welcome Mingle (Microsoft Forms)

Orientation Canvas page

You are welcome to join our Orientation Canvas page and learn more about how to navigate the first stages of your semester as an exchange student at Malmö University.

Orientation Autumn 2023 Canvas Page

Orientation schedule autumn 2023

Please note that the information below might be subject to change. Visit this webpage for regular updates.

Please note. You will need to sign-up in order to participate in the activities mentioned below. The sign-up forms will be published here in June 2023 (see 'How to sign-up for Orientation' above).

Friday 18 August – Arrival Day!

09.00–17.00 Welcome to Malmö!

Location: Student Centre (Matrosgatan 1)

Malmö University student representatives will meet you at Malmö central station and show you the way to the Student Centre. Get your welcome pack and other practical information from the International Office staff. For those who will check into University Housing on 18 August, you will get a ride to University Housing where you will receive your keys and check in to your student apartment.

Saturday 19 August

12.00 Bus No. 3 City Tour

Meeting point: Rönngården (Rönnblomsgatan 6A)
Organised by University Housing

Hop on the bus with us! This line drives a route we think is great to get a good overview of Malmö and see key points relevant for your student experience at Malmö University. Some of them are Celsiusgården, Ellstorp, Värnhem, Anna Lindhs plats and Orkanen.

15.00 ESN games

Location: Student Union, Kölsvinet (Bassängkajen 8)

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet other students and be part of this fun game organised by the Erasmus Student Network.

Sunday 20 August

11.00-12.30 Campus Tour

Meeting point: Student Union, Kölsvinet (Bassängkajen 8)

We will take you around the Campus area so that you can find the library, see the lunch areas, the perfect study spots etc.

18.30 Volleyball at the Beach

Meeting point: Malmö Beach Arena, Scaniaparken
Organised by University Housing

It is summer and the perfect time to enjoy the beach and a good game of volleyball!

Monday 21 August

11.15–13.00 Welcome Meeting

Location: Orkanen, room D138 (Nordenskiöldsgatan 10)

Welcome to the introductory session! We have prepared plenty of helpful information to get you started at Malmö University. You will get to meet the staff of the International Office and Malmö University, as well as get a glimpse of what lies ahead during the week. Representatives from the Student Union and the Erasmus Student Network will also join the meeting.

Tuesday 22 August

13.15–14.00 Safety and Security

Location: Orkanen, room D131 (Nordenskiöldsgatan 10)

If any lecture has it all, it is this one: emergency evacuation information, Swedish laws you are probably unaware of and a real police officer. Don’t miss it! Trust us; you will want to know what to do if you lock yourself in a classroom late at night!

14.15–16.00 Love, Work, Play

Location: Orkanen, room D131 (Nordenskiöldsgatan 10)

An interactive workshop that helps you understand how you can make the best out of your studies in Malmö. We will talk about ways to find the balance between studies, student life, stress, recovery and fun and discuss how you as a student can adapt to the new situation.

Wednesday 23 August

13.15–14.00 Library and Computer Introduction

Location: Orkanen, room D138 (Nordenskiöldsgatan 10)

Being able to find your way in the book collection and library system will be essential in order for you to succeed in your studies. During this session you will get an introduction to the most important features of the university library. This session will also guide you through the virtual world of Malmö University and teach you how to log onto the university computers, use the printers and much more!

14.15–15.00 Q&A: Swedish Academic System

Location: Orkanen, room D138 (Nordenskiöldsgatan 10)

Coming from another academic culture, adjusting to the Swedish academic system can be quite difficult. This session gives you an insight into the Swedish university culture, the student-teacher relationship, work and examination forms and the student’s rights and responsibilities – essential knowledge for your university studies. Emily from Learning Support will also talk about the support that you can get during your studies at Malmö University.

This session is formatted as a Q&A, and in order to participate, you should first review the virtual lectures given by Adam Gray, who will be hosting the session. You will find all relevant material in the Canvas Orientation autumn 2023.

Canvas Orientation autumn 2023 

Thursday 24 August

13.15–14.00 Career Services & Drivhuset – Your bridge to the future

Location: Orkanen, room D131 (Nordenskiöldsgatan 10)

Meet the Career Services team get to know how they can help you during and after your studies to reach your dream job. They will also give you valuable tools on how to use your study abroad experiences. This session will end with Drivhuset, Malmö’s student hub for innovation and entrepreneurship where students can get knowledge and inspiration to take their business ideas forward.

15.00–17.00 Associations Fair (Student Union)

Location: Niagara, ground floor (Nordenskiöldsgatan 1)

Meet with the Student Union and take the chance to chat with some of their associations. Maybe you will get some ideas on what to do with your spare time while in Malmö! This event is open to both national and international students, so don’t miss the chance to mingle!

Friday 25 August

16.00–17.30 Welcome Mingle – Hosted by the City of Malmö (sign-up required)

Location: City Hall, Kompanigatan 5 Malmö 

The mayor and the city of Malmö invite all international students to a welcome mingle with drinks, snacks and a chance to see the inside of the City Hall! Remember to bring your invitation card, which you can pick up on Arrival Day or during the Orientation week.

Please note that attendance is mandatory if you sign up!

A link to the sign-up form will be published here above in June 2023 (see 'How to sign-up for Orientation' above).

18.00  ESN Party

Location: Student Union, Kölsvinet (Bassängkajen 8)

Get ready to kick off your big adventure in Malmö and meet other international and local students while at it. This welcome party celebrates the beginning of a new semester and is organized by the Erasmus Student Network. 

Sunday 27 August

08.00 Trip Ven Island

Meeting point: Rönngården (Rönnblomsgatan 6A)
Organised by University Housing

Join us for a day-trip to the beautiful little island of Ven, located between Sweden and Denmark. Its white beaches, captivating nature and cozy cafés make Ven a must visit destination for the summer.

Please note. Since ferry tickets should be purchased in advance, please make sure you are registered for this activity.

Register for the Ven trip (Microsoft Forms)

Monday 28 August

15.00 - 16.00 Mini Welcome meeting (for those who missed the one on 21 August)

Location: Nereus (Neptuniplan 7), fika room

If you could not attend the Welcome meeting, this session is for you. We will share helpful information to get you started at Malmö University and you will also meet representatives of the Student Union and the Erasmus Student Network.

18.00 - 19.00 Buddy Programme Kick-off

Location: To be confirmed  

Welcome to this get-together where you will get a chance to meet your buddy and other international and local students that are part of the Buddy Programme.

Wednesday 30 August

15.30 Food tour

Meeting point: Rönngården (Rönnblomsgatan 6A)
Organised by University Housing

Find the hidden gems of affordable food shopping in our grocery shop tour! 

Introduction for Swedish-speaking students

If you are already familiar with Sweden and Malmö you can join the introduction days Tjuvkik (in Swedish) instead or as well. You can choose the parts of both Tjuvkik and the Orientation that are relevant to you.

Information about Tjuvkik (in Swedish)

Buddy programme

In addition to the Orientation, we also offer the Buddy programme – a way for you to get to know your fellow students better.

Through the programme we arrange social activities and have fun! This is an opportunity for you to expand your network, make new friends and develop your language skills. As a participant in the Buddy Programme, you will be assigned to a group that will consist of both other newly arrived students, as well as current students, your "buddies". Each year, Malmö University welcomes around 800 new international students, representing nearly 85 nationalities from all over the world. You can be proud to be part of a global student community in one of Sweden’s most diverse cities.

As a new student, you will receive information about the programme by email before the start of the semester. Newly admitted students will have to sign up to join the Buddy programme.

Current students who want to become a buddy to new incoming students can find more information at the Student web.

Sign up for the Buddy programme

How to get to Malmö University

Malmö's central train station is well connected within Sweden and internationally via links to Copenhagen. It boasts its own airport, Sturup, but for international travellers, it is best served by Copenhagen Airport — just a 20-minute train journey away. Please be aware of the current regulations in place, both for your transits and for entering Sweden at the time of your travel.

If you are arriving at Arrival day, student mentors wearing orange vests will be at the train station to help with directions. 

Travelling to Sweden

Travelling and moving to another country to study can be very individual. You can find a list of important documents to bring with you here below. Please note, however, that this list is not exhaustive.

  • Proof of admission (for example, letter of acceptance)
  • Proof that you have been offered accommodation in Sweden
  • European Health Insurance Card (if applicable)
  • Residence permit
  • Passport & other ID documentation

Please follow the link below to read important information that you should be aware of before moving to Malmö.

How to prepare for your move to Malmö

Please make sure to stay updated regarding the regulations in place at the time of your travels, both in Sweden and regarding any transit you might have included in your travels.

Academic calendar

The academic year in Sweden is divided into two semesters, each lasting 20 weeks.

Academic year 2022/2023

Autumn semester 2022: 29 August – 15 January
Spring semester 2023: 16 January – 4 June

Academic year 2023/2024

Autumn semester 2023: 28 August – 14 January
Spring semester 2024: 15 January – 2 June


For general questions regarding Orientation and/or your arrival to Malmö, you are welcome to email the International Office at Malmö University.

International Office at Malmö University