Oral health research is essential for understanding the links between oral health and diseases in the body. By studying the risk factors, preventive measures and treatments for problems such as dental infections, tooth grinding and poor oral health, we can improve diagnosis, treatment and oral care products, and increase understanding of the relationship between oral health and general health.


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Research on oral health

Malmö University's research on oral health can include:

  • Risk factors for caries and corrosion and health promotion to reduce caries
  • The link between tooth loss and cardiovascular or other diseases
  • How to replace damaged or lost teeth with implants and dentures
  • Dental health in children, young people, and premature babies
  • Orthodontics and treatment of misaligned teeth 
  • Chronic pain in the face, head and jaws
  • Public health in relation to oral health
  • How X-ray treatments can be improved and used correctly
  • Diseases of the oral cavity and their treatment.

Research projects

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Experts in oral health

Oral health research can cover everything from orthodontics, chronic pain, replacing damaged teeth to oral biology and oral diseases. Here you will find researchers with expertise in various specialised areas.

Contacts in dental specialties and subjects