The department is active in the delta formed by the outpouring of knowledge from the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine and physics. The aim of the interdisciplinary education and research carried out here is to broaden our knowledge base and to convert knowledge into applications. In the midst of this interaction between the acquisition and application of knowledge are our students, who take up placements at clinics, hospital laboratories and companies.

Education at Biomedical Science

The Department of Biomedical Science provides education at bachelor's and master's levels. We also offer the option of studying an independent course as part of one of our programmes. 

Research at Biomedical Science

At the Department of Biomedical Science, research is conducted primarily within biomedical technology and cellular and molecular biology, specialising in immunology and strongly featuring artificial and biological interfaces.

Researchers, publications and projects

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Doctoral studies

Most of the research at the Faculty of Health and Society is interdisciplinary, which opens opportunities for exciting fields of research beyond the subject divisions that have traditionally existed between medicine and social sciences.

Collaborate with us

Our researchers are continually challenging the ingrained preconceptions of research being curtailed by national and regional borders, by borders between scientific disciplines, between pure and applied research and between academia and the world of trade and industry. Collaboration with us can take many forms, linked both to our research and the education we offer.

Contract courses

We can offer continuing professional development for your staff in the form of courses tailored to meet your wants and needs. You will benefit from access to the latest research and to the disciplinary range offered by the University.

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The Department of Biomedical Science is housed in two buildings in Malmö.