Muvah is a knowledge alliance between the City of Malmö and Malmö University. The goal is to increase young people in Malmö's entry into the labor market, to get more young people from underrepresented groups to choose higher education and to increase their understanding of educational choices.

Increased social divides in Malmö

Since its inception, Muvah has played an important role in the understanding of young people's path through the education system to their establishment in the labor market. The Malmö Commission's final report showed that social divides between groups in the population are increasing and that there is a clear connection between health and education. This led to the initiation of a unique knowledge alliance between the City of Malmö and Malmö University to map and follow up on young people's path through the education system.

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Equal schooling

In an equal school, everyone must have the same opportunities to take part in the education that society offers, regardless of their socio-economic background. It is evident that schools have not fully succeeded in their mission as many young people in Malmö do not reach eligibility for national programmes at upper secondary school.

The success factor in the knowledge alliance between Malmö University and the City of Malmö is the benefits and the different perspectives that the organisations bring to the collaboration.

Education is importance for health

Education is an increasingly important factor when it comes to health. It is therefore a key factor that more young people reach the goals in their education in order to achieve for equal health.

This requires that young people have the opportunity to make their own well-informed decisions about their future, regardless of their socio-economic background. Research shows that this is one of the biggest challenges. Education also strengthens an individual's conditions for feeling included in social and working life.

Increased recruitment and lifelong learning

Education is a cornerstone of a democratic society. The City of Malmö and Malmö University share the vision of increasing the recruitment of underrepresented groups within the education system and promoting transitions between and within different forms of education and working life for lifelong learning.

Steering group

The steering group for Muvah consists of representatives from Malmö University and the City of Malmö.

Steering group members

Malmö University

Coordinator: Teresa Tomasevic

Malmö City

  • Anneli Schwartz
  • Eva Ekmark
  • Marcus Eriksson
  • Peter Lindberg

Coordinator: Anna Singhateh

Contact Malmö city

Anna Singhateh - Coordinator Malmö city 0732 32 80 93