Malmö University’s research is developed and profiled through our research centres, research programmes and research platforms.

Research centres

Malmö University has five research centres, which between them span fields in life sciences, humanities, health and technology. With a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research, they maintain a keen focus on collaboration. Working at an interdepartmental level, research is carried out alongside other academic institutions, the public and private sectors, and non-governmental organisations. The collective aim of the centres is to conduct research of high international quality according to Malmö University's vision and strategy.

Research programmes

Research programmes combine prominent research environments to increase the output of academic studies. The research is carried out by connecting projects that deal with different issues through a common theme.

Research platforms

The aim of the research platforms is to develop research in a specific area at a faculty.

Research at the departments

The research and education at the five faculties of Health and Society, Culture and Society, Learning and Society, the Faculty of Odontology and Technology and Society, is the basis for Malmö University's activities.