Summer course, Bachelor’s level
7.5 credits
Distance mixed hours 100%
6 June 2022 - 10 July 2022
Full tuition fee: 10000 SEK
Applications open 18 February

About the course

Sport is, like all human activity, gendered. Our perceptions of what women and men are expected to do are reflected in sports and in ideas about which sports or roles within sport organizations are more or less suitable for men and women. Simple questions are whether a woman can coach a male football team; or a whether a synchronized swimming is a masculine or feminine sport? The course is divided in two half’s. During the first part of the course women’s participation in sport activities in history and in contemporary society are studied from a structural perspective. During the second half of the course the student will concentrate on sportsman`s or woman´s destiny, in order to analyze the destiny placed in a gendered sports regime. The course will be concluded by the student writing an essay analyzing an individual life experience from a structural perspective.

Course content

Entry requirements and selection

Entry requirements

General entry requirements + English 6


Swedish upper secondary grades 34%, University credits completed 32%, Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (SweSAT) 34%

Course literature

Course evaluation

Students are given opportunities to influence course content through continual reflections on the course content and methods. The course ends with an individual, written evaluation based on the course purpose and learning outcomes. This evaluation is used as a starting point for an oral evaluation at the end of the course.