Freestanding course, Bachelor’s level
15 credits
Malmö | daytime | 100%
29 August 2022 - 6 November 2022
Full tuition fee: 46000 SEK

About the course

The course aims to give fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge of figure/character development for various visual narrative media, including games.

Character design externalises or visualises internal and/or invisible qualities of figures within narrative contexts. From these traits, the reader/ viewer/gamer/etc. builds her/his expectations in regard to the story's development or games options.

The development from stereotypical figure to individual character consolidates or disrupts given expectations.

The course offers introductions to various media and their properties, including relevant aspects of psychology of media, focus on forms of storytelling and portrayal of figures. Theoretical work interlinks with experimental development of figures for various media to develop a systematic approach to character design.

Course content

Entry requirements and selection

Entry requirements

General entry requirements + English 6


Upper secondary grades 34%, University credits completed 32%, Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (SweSAT) 34%

Course literature

Course evaluation

Written evaluation at the end of the course.


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