Matin Farzad is in his final semester of the dentistry programme and was named Dental Student of the Year 2022. Matin's curiosity about the profession was sparked by the dentists in his family. The profession ticked several boxes for him, such as being able to apply his interest in medicine and problem solving. He decided to give it a shot and got into his first choice among Sweden's dentistry programmes — Malmö University.

“The University Dental Clinic in Malmö has a great reputation among dental professionals and I had heard positive things about the pedagogy here. You are given a lot of responsibility and work on solutions to different cases. Already in the first week, I felt that this is what I want to do, since then my interest has only grown,” says Matin.

In his first year of study, Matin had a one-hour commute to Malmö, so it was a relief when he moved to student accommodation in the city. He has enjoyed living here and has created a network of contacts through his studies.

“The Faculty of Odontology is a great faculty with dedicated teachers and skilled clinical staff who are willing to share. We are often at the Faculty because we have so much clinical work, so we are a bunch of students who have become really close and stick together.”

After graduation, Matin's first goal is to work as a dentist. That is, to get his license and apply his new knowledge in the workplace. But his plans don't stop there.

“My ambition is to continue my education and build my skills with the hope of keeping one foot in the door at Malmö University. The insight I gained as student union president has created an interest in academia. For example, I would like to do research," says Matin.

When asked what he would say to someone thinking of applying to Malmö University, he answers:

“If you are passionate about a programme offered at Malmö University, go for it! The programmes for dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists, for example, are of very high quality with dedicated, knowledgeable and competent teachers. I would never change university. Thanks to the receptiveness that is being cultivated here, the dentistry programme is continuously being developed further in a positive direction. So, if I had to choose again, I would choose this programme once more.”

Dental student of the year

Every year, four dental students in Sweden are selected as Dental Students of the Year. In 2022, Matin Farzad was one of those selected, with the motivation:

"Matin shows good clinical skills and a professional and empathetic approach to his patients. In his capacity as student union president, he has contributed with skill, sensitivity and commitment to the development of the dental programme and promoted collaboration between students and the Faculty during the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Matin demonstrates many of the valuable qualities that are a prerequisite for becoming a great representative of the dental profession."