The Swedish Institute (SI) Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) is a two-week intense training programme held in Sweden at Malmö University, developed to build awareness, capacity and resilience in the practice of governance.

Sustainable Public Management programmes

The Malmö module is built around the idea of course participants’ sharing of knowledge and know-how, and to individual learning as a result of working and discussing key issues of sustainable public management with peers from other countries. Experienced teachers and researchers will be leading the course and partake in the knowledge sharing.

The course is structured thematically, covering topics such as, for example, public management, governance, transparency, leadership, gender equality and public ethics. Each topic is introduced by a short lecture and then followed up by a group seminar and then a more practically oriented seminar at a Swedish governmental agency or civil society organisation. Through the course each student will participate in a cross-country group, in order to facilitate mutual learning processes and to present the project at the end of the course. Facilitating the group work is done by a series of lectures on social and public innovation.