The research is primarily concerned with the geographical areas of Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus. RUCARR was established in 2016 and is an intellectual hub for scholars at the Faculty of Culture and Society, building on an established area of study that attracts international researchers and students from a variety of backgrounds.

Our research

RUCARR's research deals with political, social, cultural, economic and other relations of significance within and between Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus, as well as among neighbouring states.

Among others, areas of expertise include:

  • political, social and cultural dynamics and history
  • nationalism
  • ethnic and national identity
  • security issues
  • civil society development
  • authoritarianism
  • post-authoritarian transition and transformations

There is an established constellation of scholars at the Faculty of Culture and Society who are experts in area studies on Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus. Our researchers have extensive experience in conducting field research in the region, benefitting from solid knowledge of Russian, Ukrainian and Caucasian cultures and languages, as well as a broad network of local contacts.

RUCARR was founded by professors Bo Petersson and Karina Vamling, who have collaborated together for many years and are now co-directors.

Caucasus studies

Caucasus Studies includes a range of courses with a focus on the Caucasus region. All courses are offered online with instruction in English. There are no mandatory lectures on campus.

Researchers, publications and projects