Your admission to one of Malmö University's Master's programmes makes you eligible to apply for Malmö University Master's Scholarship (MUMS).

Deadline for submission is Monday April 18, 23:59 CET.

About the scholarship

MUMS is covered by public funds administered by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

The MUMS is in effect a tuition fee waiver that may cover partial or up to the full tuition fee. The scholarship percentage awarded depends on budget available to the programme/faculty. It has no reflection on the students' academic level of excellence.

Please note that scholarships are toward tuition fees only. Scholarship recipients must still be able to fund their living costs, as per the requirements of the Swedish Migration Agency.

Malmö University’s faculties decide which students are awarded a scholarship and with which percentage of coverage. Read the instructions thoroughly and keep your Notification of Selection Results ready before you proceed to the application form.


  • Fill out the CV section showing relevant academic experience, work experience and extra-curricular activities.
  • Answer three questions demonstrating your motivation and social engagement through your chosen programme at Malmö University.
  • Successful scholarship candidates admitted to two-year Master's programmes will retain the scholarship for the second year if they complete at least 75 percent of the credits of the first year and meet all academic requirements for progression within the programme.
  • Applicants must provide truthful information only and answer the questions themselves, without third party involvement. Malmö University reserves the right to withhold or cancel scholarship offers in cases of suspected fraud.
  • Only complete applications will be considered. Please make sure to read the instructions before proceeding to the application form.


Completing the application form

The form consists of three parts, where the first part is for information about yourself, the second part is for your CV and the third part consists of three questions designed to measure your motivation to study and your competences. The following information must be included in the first part of your scholarship application form:

  • Your name - Written as on your Notification of Selection Results
  • Date of birth - Written as month, day, year (MM-DD-YYYY)
  • Email address - Must be the same as in your application for studies
  • Citizenship - The country of which you are a citizen
  • Application number - An eight-digit number available on your Notification of Selection Results
  • Master's Programme - Please use the correct programme name as shown on your Notification of selection results
  • Percentage request - Enter the desired percentage amount of tuition fee wavier needed to help cover cost.

About answering the questions

All questions must be answered using a maximum of approximately 200 words per answer. To be sure not to exceed the limit, we advise that you write your answers in Word (or similar), where you can count the number of words used, and cut-and-paste the text into the fields in the form.

Also, please do not wait with submitting your application until the final hours or minutes, as that increases the risk of suffering from technical mishaps.

Assessment and selection of candidates

Scholarship candidates are nominated for a scholarship after an overall assessment of their previous academic results and of the answers provided in the application form. The faculties may contact the applicants or the applicants’ references for an interview.