In February, I started my academic journey as a doctoral candidate at the Department of Global Political Studies at Malmö University which has been my academic home since 2016. I hold a BA in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (Malmö University, 2019), MA in Political Science with a major in Global Political Studies (Malmö University, 2021), and MSc in Sexual Reproductive and Perinatal Health (Dalarna University, 2021). I also briefly studied at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel (2018). My doctoral research is within the AI and Everyday Political Economy of Global Politics research project between Malmö University and the WASP-HS Graduate School. And, my research topic investigates the implications of the proliferation and usage of AI-based private health care software applications in marginalized communities. My interests in this research area are motivated by the belief that AI has the potential to bring about substantive benefits in marginalized women's health, revolutionalize global health care intervention approaches and a useful tool to bring about global health equality. However, AI in healthcare also comes with sociocultural, political and ethical implications. Hence, the need to explore what happens when technology is transferred across cultural and geographic contexts. And, to further explore the role of transnational networks and transnationalism in the transfer processes of AI interventions.