Looking West Thinking East (2022)

I have worked with landscape photography for more than twenty years, and my pictures most often depict the peripheral landscape. In my latest project, "Looking West Thinking East", the pictures mostly describe the sea and the sky. I've elaborated and concentrated the images, and present these abstract landscapes as colored horizontal lines. Everything is restful and no ripples are visible on the water. The lines are still but I sometimes sense some vibrations in the color. If I observe the images from a certain distance, a distinct landscape will appear in most of the cases. If I go nearer, the images are dissolved in a muddle of horizontal lines. The project has continued over several years and now comprises more than 4,000 pictures. Most often I've stood on the same spot: the T-boardwalk at Ribersborg beach in Malmö, pointing my camera at Copenhagen in the west. As a rule, I've photographed at dusk and in bad weather - which means that more photos are taken in fall and winter than in summer. Processing my photos in Photoshop and seeing these lines, I came to think of Japanese garden culture with its subtly rolling lines drawn in the gravel. A simple and meditative pattern which often gets to symbolize clouds and water in the Zen tradition.

Work in Progress "Bending the pixel my way"

I'm working with photography, this time not only with the horizontal lines but now I have also including the vertically ones. Starting with Photography 1.0, the analogue with my large-format camera I investigated cityscapes. For about 15 years ago I more or les I left the analogue photography and moved over to digital imaging, Photography 2.0. The motives and my investigations where more or les the same cityscapes usually landscapes and urban landscapes in general but especially the city of Malmö, a city in southern Sweden. I lost my connection to Malmö when I moved, during some years I was kinda lost …….. I had to invent myself as a photographer and came up with that I was curious about the medium (digital photography). I’m now working with Photography 3.0 the world of extended reality. Extended Reality (XR) refers to a broad category of technologies that combine real and virtual worlds to create immersive experiences. It includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) which use different techniques to blend digital content with the physical world, either by creating a completely artificial environment (VR), overlaying digital content onto the real world (AR), or merging digital and physical elements together (MR). XR has various applications in fields such as entertainment, education, healthcare, and gaming, among others.