Nahikari Irastorza (PhD in Humanities, University of Deusto, Spain) is a senior researcher affiliated to the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare, at the Department of Global Political Studies of Malmö University. Her research interests include international migration and integration, immigrants’ participation in the labor market, migration policies, mixed marriages and their children. Before moving to Sweden as a Willy Brandt research fellow (2016-2021), she held postdoctoral positions, including a Marie Curie, at Simon Fraser University, Canada and Malmö University. She is currently working on two H2020 projects that look at refugee-receiving community relations (FOCUS, 2019-2022) and immigrant integration, as a community making process, in small and medium-size towns and rural areas (Whole-COMM, 2021-2023) and an AMIF project evaluating integration policies and practices (NIEM, 2016-2022).