I am a PhD candidate in Global Politics in the Department of Global Political Studies. I received my masters at Lund University's Graduate School in Global Studies, major: Political Science. My research interests include postcolonial feminism, postcolonial theory, decoloniality, negotiation theory, diplomacy, critical security studies, (youth participation in) peacebuilding, Pan-Africanism, transnational activism and resistance.

In my PhD project, I analyze negotiations for Africa-EU development cooperation so as to demystify negotiations between “weak states” and the “powerful” EU. Through a critical analysis of negotiation theory, especially that of intercultural communication, while also engaging with postcolonial politics of development and critical debates on Normative Power Europe (NPE), my research project aims -- through postcolonial feminist theory -- to develop an analytical framework for analyzing North-South relations in a way that decenters mainstream theories of negotiation and development.