About the course

The aim of the course is for the student to develop knowledge in and understanding of the English academic language by developing the ability to communicate both in writing and orally in a way that is adapted for academic studies.

The course focuses on the structures and features of the academic genre by the student writing and analyzing essays and giving presentations.

After completing the course, the student can:

1. write their own and analyze other students' academic texts based on argumentation, style and structure

2. conduct oral presentations within the academic genre

This course can be combined with English Grammar Skills for University Studies (AK204E), 7.5 credits and Introduction to Critical Thinking and Reading Skills for University Studies (AK205E), 7.5 credits. These three courses are part of a series for developing academic skills in English.

Course content

Entry requirements and selection

Entry requirements

General entry requirements


Upper secondary grades 34%, University credits completed 32%, Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (SweSAT) 34%

Course literature

Course evaluation

The university provides all students who are participating in, or have completed, a course to express their experiences and views on the course through a course evaluation which is organized at the end of the course. The university will collate the course evaluations and provide information about their results and any actions prompted by them. The results shall be made available to the students. (HF 1:14).