Freestanding course, Bachelor’s level
7.5 hp
Malmö mixed hours 50%
18 January 2021 - 12 March 2021
Full tuition fee: 10000 SEK

About the course

The course aims to develop the students knowledge and understanding in relation to social policies within a European context, with a particular focus on the relevance for social work and social work practice.

The social work practice is examined in different national and organisational contexts.

The course consists of two sub courses: Social Policies and welfare systems and Thesis within Social work and policy.

The course is scheduled online (Zoom) 9.30 am to 3.30 pm Feb 2th-21st 2021 and Jan 20th 13.15-15.00 (Course Introduction)

Course content

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

Basic eligibility, special permission equivalent of English B in Swedish secondary school, 30 credits in Social Sciences.


University credits completed 100%

Course literature

Course evaluation

The course coordinator is responsible for conducting a summative evaluation is conducted in connection with the course's completion. The course coordinator provides the feedback to the students at the beginning of the next course. Notes from the feedback are made available to the course's students, and feedback is given to the students who will start the course in the next course session.